Jacek Braciak

  • Jan P. Matuszynski – Zeby nie bylo sladow AKA Leave No Traces (2021) 

    In 1983, communist Poland is shaken by the case of high school student Grzegorz Przemyk, who is beaten to death by police. The only witness of the beating becomes the number one enemy of the state.Read More »

  • Piotr Trzaskalski – Edi (2002)

    Best friends Edi and Jureczek earn their living as scrap-metal pickers on the streets of a big city. Our story begins when the two gangster Brothers who rule the neighborhood beat a fellow scrap picker to death. This is the Brothers’ way of enforcing payments for illegally sold alcohol. A few days later the Brothers come up with an extraordinary proposal for Edi. They want him to tutor Princess, their 17- year old sister whom they have been bringing up since the death of their parents. The Brothers choose Edi because they know about his passion – Edi is an avid reader, always keeping the books he finds in the garbage.Read More »

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