Jack Nicholson

  • Hal Ashby – The Last Detail (1973)

    1971-1980ComedyDramaHal AshbyUSA

    The Last Detail fits very nicely into its early 1970s milieu: distinctly anti-authoritarian, the film is chock full of cursing, sexual language, rowdiness, and downright rudeness. Of course, Jack Nicholson’s devilish grin was the perfect vehicle to carry this sort of pointedly subversive material, because he was so likable doing it. From Easy Rider to Five Easy Pieces to The Last Detail to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Nicholson made the role of the (often hilarious) nonconformist his own. Reclusive director/editor Hal Ashby was also a perfect fit for the film and the time period. Fresh from the offbeat critical success of the serio-comic Harold and Maude, Ashby brought an “experimental” feel to the film, most obviously in the jump cut editing borrowed from the French New Wave. Screenwriter Robert Towne was nominated for an Academy Award (his second of three in a row, following Chinatown and preceding Shampoo). Read More »

  • Stanley Kubrick – The Shining [International Cut] (1980)

    1971-1980HorrorStanley KubrickUSA

    As some of you are aware, Stanley Kubrick personally re-edited The Shining after the initial US release, shortening it some 20 minutes. The original version, clocked at 144 min is only available in the US (and is available here on worldscinema) but everywhere else, there is this 119 min version, which according to some sources, was Kubrick’s preferred version.Read More »

  • Arthur Penn – The Missouri Breaks (1976)

    1971-1980Arthur PennDramaUSAWestern

    When vigilante land baron David Braxton (John McLiam) hangs one of the best friends of cattle rustler Tom Logan (Jack Nicholson), Logan’s gang decides to get even by purchasing a small farm next to Braxton’s ranch. From there the rustlers begin stealing horses, using the farm as a front for their operation. Determined to stop the thefts at any cost, Braxton retains the services of eccentric sharpshooter Robert E. Lee Clayton (Marlon Brando), who begins ruthlessly taking down Logan’s gang.Read More »

  • Richard Rush – Psych-Out (1968)

    1961-1970DramaMusicalRichard RushRock n' Roll MusicalsUSA

    Jennie (Susan Strasberg) travels to San Francisco to locate her hippie brother Steve (Bruce Dern). She meets Stoney (Jack Nicholson) in a coffeehouse and he helps her look for Steve, who Stoney has seen in his various attempts to start a rock & roll band. Stoney and his pals transform the square girl into a swinging hippie chick, complete with a mod miniskirt. Along with their buddy Dave (Dean Stockwell), they search for Steve amidst the psychedelic splendor of the Haight-Ashbury hippie haunts. Dave is killed by a car when he wanders around in an STP-induced stupor.Read More »

  • Roger Corman – The Terror (1963)

    1961-1970HorrorRoger CormanThrillerUSA

    Lt. Duvalier (Jack Nicholson), a French soldier, loses contact with his unit and is forced to wander alone near the Baltic Sea. While in search of his regiment, he spies Helene (Sandra Knight), a mysterious beauty, walking by herself. Mesmerized, Duvalier begins tracking her, but she vanishes. He later catches up with her and follows her into a castle, where he encounters the bizarre Baron Von Leppe (Boris Karloff), finds signs of witchcraft and learns the shocking truth about Helene.Read More »

  • Mike Nichols – Carnal Knowledge (1971) (HD)

    1971-1980DramaMike NicholsUSA

    The concurrent sexual lives of best friends Jonathan and Sandy are presented, those lives which are affected by the sexual mores of the time and their own temperament, especially in relation to the respective women who end up in their lives. Their story begins in the late 1940s when they are roommates attending Amherst College together. Both virgins, they discuss the type of woman they would each like to end up with. Sandy, the more sensitive of the two, meets Susan at a mixer, she who he believes is going to be the one to who he will lose his virginity. Sandy goes through the process methodically, taking into account what he thinks Susan wants, but without much true passion or romance. Jonathan, the more sexually aggressive of the two, ends up losing his virginity first to “Myrtle”, who ends up being a steady but hidden girlfriend. Based on what each knows of the other’s relationship, both Jonathan and Sandy strive for a little more of what the other has. These relationships also set…Read More »

  • Roman Polanski – Chinatown (1974)

    1971-1980ClassicsFilm NoirRoman PolanskiUSA

    Polanski’s Oscar Nominated throwback to the noirs of the 40’s and 50’s starring Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway and John Huston.

    Summary: A private detective investigating an adultery case stumbles on to a scheme of murder that has something to do with water

    Pin-striped suits, men’s hair parted slightly off-center like Richard Arlen’s, four-door convertible touring cars (not yet declared unsafe), official portraits of Franklin D. Roosevelt in public buildings, women with marceled hair, and elegant slouches.Read More »

  • Milos Forman – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

    1971-1980DramaMilos FormanUSA

    Synopsis :
    Upon arrival at a mental institution, a brash rebel rallies the patients together to take on the oppressive Nurse Ratched, a woman more a dictator than a nurse.Read More »

  • Bob Rafelson – Five Easy Pieces (1970)

    Drama1961-1970Amos Vogel: Film as a Subversive ArtBob RafelsonUSA

    In an Academy Award -nominated performance for Best Actor, Jack Nicholson is outstanding in Five Easy Pieces, the acclaimed drama from director Bob Rafelson. Although a brilliant, classical pianist from an intellectual, well-to-do family – Robert Dupea has made a career out of running from job to job and woman to woman. Presently working in an oil field, Dupea spends most of his free time downing beers,playing poker and being noncommittal with his sexy but witless girlfriend Rayette. But when he is summoned to his father’s deathbed, Dupea returns home with Raette, where he meets and falls for a sophisticated woman. Now caught between his conflicting lifestyles, the gifted but troubled Dupea must face issues that will change his life forever. Deceptively simple, but one of the most complex and interesting films of its time – Five Easy Pieces garnered a 1970 Academy Award nomination for Best Picture – with Black receiving the 1970 New York Film Critics award for her excellent performance.Read More »

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