Jacques Baumer

  • Jean Dréville – Les affaires sont les affaires (1942)

    1941-1950DramaFranceJean Dréville

    Nouveau riche

    In spite of a very poor rating, this film is really a killer! By far Jean Dreville’s most important film as well as one of the best Charles Vanel’s performances. First intended for Raimu, it seems that Vanel was finally a better choice and anyway if you give this movie a chance, he’s gonna blow your mind. Lord! What an actor!Read More »

  • Sacha Guitry – Le comédien AKA The Private Life of an Actor (1948)

    France1941-1950ComedySacha Guitry

    The Private Life of an Actor was the English-language title bestowed upon Sacha Guitry’s first postwar feature, Le Comédien. The film recounts the life and loves of Guitry’s actor/father Lucien, with Guitry playing both himself and his dad. Most of the story takes place either on-stage or in the dressing room, satirically emphasizing the wide schism between an actor’s public and private life. Adding to the Pirandellian ambience of the project is Guitry’s wife, Catherine (Lana Marconi), cast as one of Lucien’s various mistresses.Read More »

  • René Le Hénaff – Le colonel Chabert (1943)

    Drama1941-1950FranceRené Le Hénaff


    Paris, 1817. The wealthy Countess Ferraud is distressed when she begins to receive letters from her husband, Colonel Chabert, who was reported to have died during the Napoleonic wars ten years before. After an attempt to have him committed to a lunatic asylum fails, the now destitute Chabert appeals to a lawyer Derville to help restore his identity and his fortune. The Countess has since remarried and has no intention of surrendering the wealth she inherited from Chabert…Read More »

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