Jae-rok Kim

  • Sang-ho Yeon – The Fake aka Saibi (2013)

    2011-2020AnimationCrimeSang-ho YeonSouth Korea

    A convict returns to his home town to again torture his family, face his neighbors and try to destroy the local religious fanatics and their plans to keep money from the village people.Read More »

  • Shin Su-won – Reinbou aka Rainbow (2010)

    2001-2010ComedyDramaShin Su-wonSouth Korea

    Plot / Synopsis
    The fantasy musical film “Passerby #3? by Korean director Shin Su-won won the Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award at the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival.

    Ji-Wan is a middle-aged mother with a case of malaise and hardly any backbone to speak of. She abruptly quits her job to follow her dream of becoming a film director; she’s been working on a script for five years. Her husband thinks she’s wasting her time; her son Si-Young is ashamed of her and lets her know it at every possible moment; and the producer she’s supposed to be working with, Choi, keeps trying to make the film into a commercial blockbuster.Read More »

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