James Hayter

  • Montgomery Tully – Out of the Fog (1962)

    1961-1970CrimeDramaMontgomery TullyUnited Kingdom

    ‘Out of the Fog’ (1962) stars David Sumner as a Scotland Yard policeman assigned the task of catching an elusive killer. The murderer only strikes during full moons and favours blondes, which leads George Mallon (Sumner) to formulate a plan that involves using the beautiful June (Susan Travers) to lure the criminal into the open. However, the plot is fraught with danger.Read More »

  • Michael McCarthy – The Awakening (1954)

    1951-1960DramaMichael McCarthyShort FilmUnited Kingdom

    Buster Keaton is not known for dark, political dramas. Nevertheless, one of Buster’s finest television appearances happened in 1954’s The Awakening, a chilling social allegory that features no pratfalls at all. In fact, with the possible exceptions of Sunset Boulevard and Samuel Beckett’s Film, The Awakening was Buster’s only dramatic filmed role, certainly the only one in which he had the major speaking part.Read More »

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