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Arthur Barron – Rita Hayworth: Dancing Into the Dream (1990)

Comment from IMDb:
The tragic life of Rita Hayworth, one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood’s golden years, is examined in this documentary directed by Arthur Barron. Her life, during her ascent into glory, was the stuff that filled the pages of the fan magazines of that era. She was adored by her fans and envied by others because she had it all.

Her daughter, Princess Yasmin Khan, talks about her mother in a caring manner. It is obviously they had a bond that was only shattered by a horrible disease that took away her dignity, which was the crowning blow to a woman whose life was full of sadness and misery, in spite of the glamorous appearance. The men in her life didn’t give her the happiness she deserved, but used her in whatever way they could. Read More »

James Hill – Skyhook (1958)

Skyhook is a typical example of a trade test film, in that it documents industrial activity, in this case the use of helicopters to transport equipment to build an oil rig in Papua New Guinea. The idea that environmental damage is a small price to pay for economic growth was a common assumption expressed in several films of this period. BP would attempt to redress the balance in 1970 with the groundbreaking documentary film The Shadow of Progress. Read More »

James Hill – The Dock Brief AKA Trial and Error (1962)

An incompetent lawyer defends an accused wife murderer. Read More »

James Hill – A Study in Terror (1965)

In this Sherlock Holmes tale, Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary 19th-century British sleuth (John Neville) is on the trail of Jack the Ripper. In the dark alleys of London, the notorious Ripper has committed a series of gruesome murders when Holmes takes on the task of solving these horrific crimes. The process takes Holmes from the lowest rungs of society all the way to the peak of the aristocracy, discovering blackmail and family insanity everywhere he goes. Read More »