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Kiyoshi Nishimura – Bara no hyôteki AKA The Target of Roses (1972)

Bara no hyôteki (1972)
A gunslinger is hired to kill a news photographer. The young ward of the shot photographer discovers the set-up behind the killing – that a laboratory is being set up by a Nazi organization to capture and train talented youth and that the photographer was about to expose it. Read More »

Kei Kumai – Ogin-sama AKA Love and Faith (1978)

Ogin-sama (1978) Synopsis:
Sen Rikyu is a ceremonial tea master who advises warlord Hideyoshi in sixteenth-century feudal Japan. His daughter, the beautiful Lady Ogin, has an unrequited love for Lord Ukon, who has angered Hideyoshi by becoming a Christian convert. Ogin’s father Rikyu also displeases Hideyoshi by opposing the warlord’s plan to invade China and Korea. When the animalistic Hideyoshi is rejected by Ogin, he threatens her and her father with arrest and worse.

Ogin, a very beautiful young woman, comes to the attention of Hideyoshi, the unifier of 16th century Japan. Her love for another causes her to reject him and precipitates tragedy. Read More »

Tetsuya Nakashima – Pako to mahô no ehon aka Paco And The Magical Book (2008)

Plot / Synopsis (Pako to mahô no ehon (2008)
There once was a hospital where patients and even doctors and nurses were all strange. Above all, Onuki, a patient who built up his own company, is a super cranky old man. One day, he meets up a girl named called Paco, who cannot retain memory beyond one day due to a car accident. She reads the same picture book everyday. As time passes, Onuki starts bonding with Paco, and begins to doubt his way of living. He starts wanting to do something for Paco with his remaining life, and comes up with a brilliant idea. This pleases Paco, but their fate is… Read More »

Kinji Fukasaku – Kamata kôshinkyoku AKA Fall Guy (1982)

Kamata kôshinkyoku (1982)
The English title Fall Guy is fitting – this is a film about a stuntman who takes several plunges for his movie star friend – but there’s a clever touch of subversion in the less obvious Japanese title. Kamata Koshin-Kyoku refers to Shochiku studio’s theme song. But this film about the production of a samurai epic on the Toei studio lot in Kyoto is hardly a fawning tribute to the world of cinema. It’s a film by Kinji Fukasaku. Like the director’s masterpiece, Battles Without Honor and Humanity, Fall Guy exposes the injustices visited on honest, hard-working men serving corrupt and undeserving bosses; all he has done is change the setting. In the place of low-ranking yakuza are stuntmen, the foot soldiers of the entertainment industry. In the place of Japan’s criminal underground is a movie set. Read More »

Kôzaburô Yoshimura – Yoru no kawa AKA River of the Night (1956)

Japanese drama from the 1950s, following a proud textile-dying family who continue practicing the traditional art even when most are abandoning it. Eldest daughter Kiwa (Fujiko Yamamoto) fuels the business with her ambition and unquestionable talent, but her attraction to a genetics professor will take her and her family’s practice to an unforeseeable direction… Read More »

Sadatsugu Matsuda – Umon Torimonocho Benitokage AKA Case of Umon: The Red Lizard (1962)

Umon goes on an investigation to unveil the murderer known as Red Lizard. Read More »

Tai Katô – Nihon kyôka den AKA The Blossom and the Sword (1973)

Yakuza film about Mine, a strong-minded woman, who risks her life and her body in a desperate search for true love. Read More »