• Hiroyuki Kawasaki – Ninja Pussy Cat (2003)

    1580. Ninja Kotaro gets killed by the evil Hattori Hanzo after he discovers that the local shogun and his son aren’t related. It’s up to Kotaro’s nubile and innocent virginal daughter Kaede to exact revenge on Hanzo for bumping off her dad. Kaede learns various lethal sexual martial arts techniques in order to accomplish this particular goal.Read More »

  • Hiroyuki Oki – Ekusutashi no namida: Chiin AKA Tears of Ecstacy (1995)

    A conceptual pinku film which is conceived of 60 shots which all are 60 seconds long and represent an absurdist take on the narrative and stylistic schemes of erotic cinema.Read More »

  • Gen Takahashi – Pochi No Kokuhaku AKA Confessions of a Dog (2006)

    Violence, illegal pay-offs, drugs, intimidation – all things that you would relate to the yakuza, the Japanese mafia, but Gen Takahashi’s epic 3-hour exposé introduces us to the most dangerous gang on the streets – Japanese Law Enforcement. Takeda (Shun Sugata) is an honest police officer, father and husband, but after he’s promoted to detective he quickly becomes embroiled in dirty back room dealings, blackmail, and corruption that goes right to the top of the force. Meanwhile renegade investigator Kusama (Junichi Kawamoto) must decide whether he should shake the foundations of Japanese law enforcement with the information that has come into his possession about the police. What will happen if both these men listen to their consciences?Read More »

  • Takahisa Zeze – Tôkyô X erotika: Shibireru kairaku AKA Tokyo X Erotica (2001)

    In the 1990’s Kenjo dies in a terrorist gas attack and his girlfriend, Haruka, is killed while doing her rounds as a prostitute. In 2002, the two of them meet up again…but how can this be possible when they are both dead?Read More »

  • Shigehiro Ozawa – Gyangu Chûshingura (1963)

    Takakura is a young gang boss tricked by the villainous Toru Abe. His underlings, lead by Chiezo Kataoka, start planning for revenge after Takakura dies in jail.Read More »

  • Seijun Suzuki – Pisutoru opera AKA Pistol Opera (2001)

    As powerful and energetic as ever, 78-year old director Seijun Suzuki creates a stunningly lurid, extreme tale of a woman assassin’s (new sensation Makiko Esumi) surreal rise in the criminal underworld. Thirty-three years later, this master of the pulp thriller reworks his own Branded To Kill into a totally new, jaw-dropping experience! The original Branded To Kill (1976, Koroshi No Rakun starring Jo Shishido. Mariko Ogawa, Anne Mari) is the stylish action movie that has been the subject of homage from world-class directors such as John Woo, Quentin Tarantino, and Jim Jarmusch. Its eccentric, eye-popping images and extreme action is fast earning Pistol Opera a worldwide cult following.Read More »

  • Shinji Imaoka – Tamamono AKA lunchbox (2004)

    The film tells the story of Aiko, a 35-year-old mute woman who works in a bowling alley, and her brief romance with Yoshioka, a younger man who works as a postal carrier. The two meet when Aiko accidentally knocks Yoshioka off his bicycle, and they have a sexual encounter soon after. Aiko begins preparing lunch boxes and giving them to Yoshioka at his workplace as a way of expressing affection, which she cannot do verbally. However, things take a tragic turn.Read More »

  • Various – Uchû senkan Yamato: Kanketsuhen AKA Final Yamato (1983)

    A watery world called Aquarius that is destined to destroy all of the planet Earth. Can the great Yamato stop this devastation?Read More »

  • Isao Yamada – Jôhatsu tabinikki AKA The Soul Odyssey (2003)

    As the international title implies, the film’s plot revolves around a man’s personal journey. Jôhatsu tabinikki is intended to be an adaptation of an essay of the same title by the acclaimed underground manga artist, Yoshiharu Tsuge. The influence of Shuji Terayama is also discernible and it is no surprise that the director, Isao Yamada, worked with Terayama early on in his creative life.Read More »

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