• Seijun Suzuki – Kenka erejî AKA Fighting Elegy (1966)

    During the 1930s, a teenager yearns for a Catholic girl, whose only desire is to reform his sinful tendencies. Hormones raging, the young man channels his unsatisfied lust into the only outlet available: savage, crazed violence.Read More »

  • Takahisa Zeze – Reiketsu no wana AKA The Cold-Blooded Trap (1998)

    Psycho-mystery in which two men confront each other over the murder of a woman in Shibuya.Read More »

  • Takashi Ishii – Kuro no tenshi Vol. 2 AKA Black Angel Vol. 2 (1999)

    Takashi Ishii’s Black Angel 2 follows a beautiful hit-woman on her descent into alcoholism and self-loathing. The first act is an unsurprising retread of numerous assassin/gangster flicks. When Ishii changes gears some will find themselves engaged; others will find it a deeply uncomfortable watch. The depiction of rape is potentially troubling but Ishii’s women are ultimately shown to be more powerful than their aggressors. It’s an uneven film but occasionally it borders on truly bravura film-making, with a handful of masterful scenes. Challenging, little seen and sharing only it’s title with the inferior original.Read More »

  • Takashi Ishii – Tenshi no harawata: Akai senkô AKA Angel Guts 6: Red Flash (1994)

    A Disturbing Catalogue of Rape Fantasies
    RED FLASH referred to as the apotheosis of Angel Guts, it’s a brilliant film, a truly beautiful dreamlike (or perhaps nightmare-like would be more appropriate) thriller with touches of Lynch/Cronenberg weirdness.
    Everything in this film is spot-on brilliant. The eye candy cinematography, watery imagery and stunning long takes are all there, the rape scene (followed by an obvious nod to Psycho), superb and very memorable score by Yasukawa, great use of songs, great characters (from IMDB)Read More »

  • Shu Lea Cheang – LOVEME2030 (2005)

    Paris, like the other metropolitan cities in Europe, was flourishing because of new crossing urbanities, while tension was born between the conservative and the new types of Europeans. By the year of 2030, the new races of Europeans have a chance to return to their hometown where the standard of living began to improve. In anticipating the exodus of reverse migration, LOVEME2030 wishes to defer the unfinished love stories until year 2030. Love me, not now, not here. LOVE ME when I am gone.Read More »

  • Shu Lea Cheang – Fingers and Kisses (1995)

    How did they make it? The unbearable innocent fingers and kisses. Colors on the screens, your, hers, mine… Cheang has taken her camera to the streets for a candid glimpse of lesbian public sexuality. The film challenges to the question “What do lesbians do?”Read More »

  • Kôsaku Yamashita – Gokudo no onna-tachi: Saigo no tatakai AKA Yakuza Ladies: The Final Battle (1990)

    Two wives of gangsters come together to avenge the deaths of their men.Read More »

  • Mariko Miyagi – Nemuno-ki no uta AKA The Silk Tree Ballad (1974)

    Mariko Miyagi was an actress who had also written screenplays, produced, and directed films. She was also the director of Nemunoki Gakuen, a school for disabled children – the first ever such school in Japan. The school was founded by Miyagi in Shizuoka Perfecture in April 1968 using her own money. At Nemunoki, children and young adults with physical, intellectual or familial difficulties are gently encouraged to discover and develop their talents through such activities as painting, music, tea ceremony and dancing. The Silk Tree Ballad was the first in a series of documentaries, initially distributed by the ATG.Read More »

  • Yoshimitsu Banno & Ishirô Honda – Gojira tai Hedora AKA Godzilla vs. Hedorah AKA Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster (1971)

    An ever evolving alien life-form from the Dark Gaseous Nebula arrives to consume rampant pollution. Spewing mists of sulfuric acid and corrosive sludge, neither humanity or Godzilla may be able to defeat this toxic menace.Read More »

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