Jayne County

  • Lech Kowalski – Born to Lose: The Last Rock and Roll Movie (1999)

    ”Born To Lose (The Last Rock & Roll Movie)’ documents the myth, and dark reality, of Johnny Thunders. It contains plenty of choice concert material, much of which has never been seen before. There are also a large number of interviews with people talking about Johnny but none of Johnny himself. Some of the scenes in this film were shot by Lech for two un-
    finished films that were to star Johnny titled ‘Gringo’ and ‘Stations Of The Cross.’Read More »

  • Rosa von Praunheim – Stadt der verlorenen Seelen (1983)

    With stars like Angie Stardust (also music credits), Judith Flex, and Joaquin La Habana, director Rosa von Praunheim has fashioned a film about the teeming flip side of life in Berlin centered on eccentric characters of almost every imaginable sexual orientation, or disorientation – most are American performers drawn to the city of “lost souls” as a place where they can give full rein to their creative natures.Read More »

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