Jean Girault

  • Jean Girault – Faites sauter la banque! AKA Let’s Rob the Bank (1964)

    Jean Girault1961-1970ComedyCrimeFrance
    Faites sauter la banque! (1964)
    Faites sauter la banque! (1964)

    A modest shopkeeper, Victor Garnier, hands over his hard-earned savings to the director of the bank opposite his shop, to invest in shares in an oil company. A big mistake. When the shares become worthless, Garnier is determined to have his revenge and get back his money. With the help of his family, he plans to dig a tunnel from the cellar beneath his shop into the bank vault. Needless to say, nothing goes quite as planned…Read More »

  • Jean Girault – Pouic-Pouic AKA Squeak-Squeak (1963)

    1961-1970ComedyFranceJean Girault

    Léonard Monestier has made his fortune trading on the stock exchange. His eccentric wife Cynthia almost bankrupts him by selling some of his shares to buy an oil concession in South America. Convinced that the concession is a fake, Monestier decides to sell it on to a friend of the family, the naive millionaire Antoine Brévin. Antoine wants to marry his daughter, Patricia. However, Patricia has a different opinion on the matter. She manages to persuade the car delivery guy, Simon Guilbaud, to pretend to be her husband. Unaware of this development, Monestier invites Antoine to his house in order to get him to agree to buy the oil concession. After the invitation to Antoine, the butler Charles informs Monestier of the rushed marriage of Patricia. To prove that the concession is genuine, Monestier hires his son-in-law Simon to pretend to be his son, Paul, who is currently in South America. At this point, the real Paul turns up, with a Latin showgirl, Palma. Monestier has to resort to ever more desperate schemes to get Antoine to sign his cheque.Read More »

  • Louis de Funès & Jean Girault – L’Avare AKA The Miser (1980)

    1971-1980ClassicsComedyFranceJean GiraultLouis de Funès

    An incredible miser fights against the whole world to multiply his wealth.Read More »

  • Jean Girault – La soupe aux choux AKA The Cabbage Soup (1981)

    1981-1990ComedyFranceJean GiraultSci-Fi

    One evening, two old French farmers, Le Glaude (Louis de Funès) and Cicisse (Jean Carmet), start a farting contest which seems to provoke a lighting storm. What actually happens is that they send a signal to aliens and one (Jacques Villeret) arrives to change their lives.Read More »

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