Jean-Louis Trintignant

  • Francis Girod – La banquière AKA The Woman Banker (1980)

    1971-1980DramaFranceFrancis GirodQueer Cinema(s)
    La banquière (1980)
    La banquière (1980)

    Towards the end of the 1920s, Emma Eckhert has become one of the most talked about women in France. Not only is she stunningly beautiful and a staunch supporter of moral campaigns, she is also a hugely successful banker. Having made a fortune speculating on the stock exchange, she intends to share her wealth with her investors, offering them a far higher rate of interest than her competitors. Needless to say, the traditional bankers regard her as a dangerous threat and conspire to bring about her downfall…Read More »

  • Michel Deville – Eaux profondes AKA Deep Water (1981)

    Michel Deville1981-1990CrimeDramaFrance
    Eaux profondes (1981)
    Eaux profondes (1981)

    Jean-Louis Trintignant’s sinister yet subtle performance as a man who gives the most insane proof of love to his wife enlivens this adaptation of the novel Deep Water by Patricia Highsmith. In public, Vic Allen (Trintignant) puts up with his wife Mélanie’s (Isabelle Huppert) amorous games, showing an outward attitude of acceptance. However, he scares away one of her prospective lovers by telling the poor guy that he killed one of his predecessors. In fact, he did not, and soon the actual perpetrator is found. Later, when Vic feels that Mélanie is becoming too seriously involved, he actually resorts to murders. Despite her ever-increasing suspicion, Mélanie finds it impossible to prove his guilt.Read More »

  • Dino Risi – Il Sorpasso AKA The Easy Life (1962)

    1971-1980ComedyDino RisiDramaItaly

    Synopsis wrote:
    In the heat of the August fair holiday, Bruno Cortona cruises the streets of Rome in his powerful Lancia Aurelia Sport. Quite by chance he meets Roberto, a young university student. Roberto is fascinated by the carefree, easy life Bruno leads and agrees to spend the day with him…Read More »

  • Éric Rohmer – Ma nuit chez Maud AKA My Night at Maud’s (1969)

    1961-1970ComedyDramaEric RohmerFrance

    Thirty-four year old engineer Jean-Louis has just started a new job in Clermont. He leads a relatively solitary life not knowing anyone in town besides his work colleagues, he who has made a conscious decision that they should not become his de facto friends just because they work together. His choice not to socialize in town is due also in part to his situation and needing to make the long daily commute to/from Ceyrat where he currently lives. He has had his fair share of women over the course of his adult life, he now choosing to adhere more closely to his Catholic beliefs in approaching romantic and sexual relationships with women solely in the goal of love and marriage. Although not knowing her or having talked to her, he believes the pretty blonde he sees at church at Sunday morning services is the woman destined to be his wife.Read More »

  • Luigi Comencini – La donna della domenica AKA The Sunday Woman (1975)

    Luigi Comencini1971-1980ComedyItalyMysteryQueer Cinema(s)

    Police commissioner Santamaria is investigating the murdering of the ambiguous architect Mr. Garrone. The investigations soon drive him into the Torino’s high society. Santamaria suspect Anna Carla and at the same time falls in love for her. Lello is the lover of Massimo, a homosexual platonic friend of Anna Carla. He is following another direction in order to find out the truth, and his results are confusing the Policeman. But another murdering happens…Read More »

  • Yves Boisset – L’attentat AKA The French Conspiracy AKA The Assassination (1972)

    1971-1980FrancePoliticsThrillerYves Boisset

    Sadiel, rebel leader in a North African state, takes refuge in Switzerland in the aftermath of a coup. Aware of the threat posed by Sadiel, the ruthless Colonel Kassar contacts the French security services to help in capturing the political activist. A police informer, Darien, is forced to lure Sadiel to Paris, allegedly to make a television coverage about the Third World. Arriving in Paris, Sadiel is captured and delivered to his opponents. Disgusted by the way he has been manipulated, Darien tries to turn back the clock, unknowing who’s dealing with.Read More »

  • Claude Berri – Je vous aime AKA I Love You All (1980)

    1971-1980Claude BerriComedyFranceRomance

    A woman invites all four men she loved in her life for the dinner of New Year’s Eve at the same time and unites them all in her house. In sentimental flashbacks they recall the former times.Read More »

  • Alain Robbe-Grillet – Le jeu avec le feu AKA Playing with Fire [+ Commentary] (1975)

    Alain Robbe-Grillet1971-1980ArthouseEroticaFrance

    Philippe Noiret plays a rich, Parisian banker whose daughter, Carolina, is kidnapped by a ruthless organization. They threaten to have her abused by the sadistic clients of a brothel they run if Father doesn’t pay the ransom on time.Read More »

  • Sergio Corbucci – Il grande silenzio AKA The Great Silence (1968)

    Sergio Corbucci1961-1970Euro WesternsItalyWestern

    On an unforgiving, snow swept frontier, a group of bloodthirsty bounty hunters, led by the vicious Loco (Klaus Kinski Nosferatu, For a Few Dollars More) prey on a band of persecuted outlaws who have taken to the hills. As the price on each head is collected one-by-one, only a mute gunslinger named Silence (Jean-Louis Trintignant The Conformist) stands between the innocent refuges and the greed and corruption that the bounty hunters represent. But, in this harsh, brutal world, the lines between right and wrong aren’t always clear and good doesn’t always triumph. Featuring superb photography and a haunting score from maestro Ennio Morricone, director Sergio Corbucci’s bleak, brilliant and violent vision of an immoral, honorless west is widely considered to be among the very best and most influential Euro-Westerns ever made.Read More »

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