Jean-Paul Belmondo

  • Alexandre Arcady – Hold-up (1985)

    1981-1990ActionAlexandre ArcadyCrimeFrance
    Hold Up (1985)
    Hold Up (1985)

    Criminal genius Grimm devises a seemingly foolproof plan to rob the Montreal Central Bank. By disguising himself as a clown and passing off his accomplices Georges and Lise as two of the hostages, he manages to smuggle two million dollars out of the bank without anyone noticing. The get-away proves to be somewhat more difficult though…

    Déguisé en clown, Grimm dévalise la banque de Montréal. Il prend 32 otages, dont parmi eux 2 sont des complices. Le casse réussit, mais intervient Larsky, un rival, ainsi que la police, qui vont nuire au braquage parfait effectué par Grimm…Read More »

  • Henri Verneuil – Le Casse AKA The Burglars (1971) (HD)

    Henri Verneuil1971-1980ActionCrimeFrance

    Le Casse (US title: The Burglars) is a 1971 French-Italian neo noir crime film directed by director Henri Verneuil and starring Jean-Paul Belmondo and Omar Sharif. It is based on the 1953 novel by David Goodis and revolves around a team of four burglars chased by a corrupt policeman in Athens. It’s a remake of the 1957 film The Burglar with Jayne Mansfield.

    The movie is known for its spectacular car chase and Belmondo’s incredible fall from a construction truck down a steep, rocky hillside. The movie was shot twice, once in French and once in English, by the same cast.Read More »

  • Peter Brook – Moderato cantabile AKA Seven Days… Seven Nights (1960) (HD)

    1951-1960ArthouseDramaFrancePeter Brook

    A wealthy and bored woman is witness of a murder in affection and meets another witness. She asks him about the history of the victim and falls in love with him.Read More »

  • Philippe Labro – L’héritier AKA The Inheritor (1973)

    1971-1980FrancePhilippe LabroThriller

    When his father, a wealthy industrialist, is killed in aeroplane crash, Bart Cordell returns to France to take up the reins of the empire he has inherited. As a prostitute attempts to frame him for drug smuggling, Bart begins to suspect is father may have been murdered. His investigation uncovers a complex web of political intrigue, in which his own family and his stepfather are heavily implicated…Read More »

  • Jean-Pierre Melville – Léon Morin, prêtre AKA Léon Morin, Priest (1961)

    1961-1970ArthouseDramaFranceJean-Pierre Melville

    Jean-Paul Belmondo delivers a subtly sensual performance in the hot-under-the-collar Léon Morin, Priest (Léon Morin, prêtre), directed by Jean-Pierre Melville. The French superstar plays a devoted man of the cloth who is desired by all the women of a small village in Nazi-occupied France. He finds himself most drawn to a sexually frustrated widow—played by Emmanuelle Riva—a religious skeptic whose relationship with her confessor turns into a confrontation with both God and her own repressed desire. A triumph of mood, setting, and innuendo, Léon Morin, Priest is an irreverent pleasure from one of French cinema’s towering virtuosos.Read More »

  • Henri Verneuil – Week-end à Zuydcoote AKA Weekend at Dunkirk (1964)

    1961-1970DramaFranceHenri VerneuilWar

    Set during World War II, and stuck on the beaches near Dunkirk, Julien Maillat tries to join England by boat with the English Army, but cannot succeed. He, then, tries to organize the life for him and his soldiers friends between German raids and shells.Read More »

  • Claude Lelouch – Itinéraire d’un enfant gâté (1988)

    1981-1990AdventureClaude LelouchDramaFrance

    Sam Lion has led a full and successful life. As a young boy, abandoned by his mother, he was adopted by a circus family, where he developed an afinity for big cats. His career as a circus acrobat was cut short by an accident, after which he started a new life in commerce. His revolutionary cleaning products made him a wealthy man, the head of a corporate empire, but his private life was just as eventful. He marred young, had two children, his first wife died tragically, and he re-married. Now in his fifties, Sam has only one wish – to escape. Whilst crossing the ocean in a one-man dinghy, he decides to fake his own death.Read More »

  • Philippe de Broca – L’homme de Rio AKA That Man from Rio (1964)

    1961-1970ArthouseComedyFrancePhilippe de Broca

    Farce, spy spoof, and adventure. Swarthy thieves ignore jewels to steal an Amazon figurine from the Museum of Man in Paris’ Trocadero Palace and kidnap the world’s authority on the lost Maltec civilization. Cut to Agnes, the daughter of a murdered man who possessed one of two other such figurines. Moments after her sweetheart, Adrien, an Army private with a week’s leave, arrives in Paris to see her, Agnes too is kidnapped, drugged, and loaded on a plane to Rio. Adrien is in hot pursuit, and before he can rescue her (with the help of a shoeshine boy), foil the murderous thieves, and solve the riddle of the Maltecs, he must traverse Rio, Brasília, and the Amazon heartland… all before the end of his week’s leave.Read More »

  • François Reichenbach – Un coeur gros comme ça AKA The Winner (1961)

    Arthouse1961-1970DocumentaryFranceFrançois Reichenbach

    The adventures of a young Senegalese, Abdoulaye Faye, who comes to Paris to try his luck as a boxer. His dream of winning the championship and conquering women – especially Michèle Morgan – whom he worships, his his adaptation to Paris life, the cold and fog which astonish him, occupy his thoughts. He meets a Japanese woman in the Bois de Boulogne, consults a medium. And then comes the championship fight.

    Critique award, Venice Film festival, 1962.
    Cameo of Jean-Paul Belmondo, as a member of the audience during the fight of the young Abdoulaye Faye.
    Music by Michel Legrand and Georges Delerue.Read More »

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