Jean Renoir

  • Jean Renoir – Le testament du Docteur Cordelier AKA Experiment in Evil (1959)

    Jean Renoir1951-1960FranceHorrorTV
    Le testament du Docteur Cordelier (1959)
    Le testament du Docteur Cordelier (1959)

    Mr. Joly, Doctor Cordelier’s lawyer, is amazed to discover that his client and friend leaves his possessions to a stranger, Opale, a sadistic criminal. He needs this man to prove that people’s behavior can be adjusted at will…Read More »

  • Jean Renoir – Le crime de Monsieur Lange (1936)

    Jean Renoir1931-1940ComedyDramaFrance
    Le crime de Monsieur Lange (1936)
    Le crime de Monsieur Lange (1936)

    Richard T. Jameson wrote:
    Little known stateside but long esteemed in Europe, The Crime of Monsieur Lange is simply one of the very greatest films directed by Jean Renoir (it was made a few years before Grand Illusion and Rules of the Game). René Lefèvre (Le Million) takes the title role of a nebbish who clerks for a penny-press publisher by day, and by night writes feverish potboilers about a Western hero named “Arizona Jim”. Lange’s encyclopedically venal boss (Jules Berry) discovers his secret and immediately starts exploiting it, as he exploits everybody and everything within range. Life sublimely imitates pulp fiction and vice versa in the brilliant screenplay by Jacques Prévert (who would later write Children of Paradise). The movie blends sociopolitical protest, tender satire, and astonishing poetry without breaking a sweat, and its climax – an amazing synthesis of theme, dramatic, emotion, and inspired camerawork – is one of the transcendent moments in screen history.Read More »

  • Jean Renoir – The Diary of a Chambermaid (1946)

    Jean Renoir1941-1950ComedyDramaUSA
    The Diary of a Chambermaid (1946)
    The Diary of a Chambermaid (1946)

    IMDb wrote:
    France, 1885. Celestine, a Parisian girl arrives in the rural Lanlaire mansion to work as the chambermaid. Barely alighting from the train, Celestine has already been rebuffed by the haughty valet Joseph (an excellently surly Lederer), and confides to the also newly arrived scullery maid Louise (a mousy and dowdy Irene Ryan) that she will do whatever in her power to advancing her social position and firmly proclaims that love is absolutely off limits, and the film uses the literal diary- writing sequences as a recurrent motif to trace Celestine’s inner thoughts.Read More »

  • Jean Renoir – This Land Is Mine (1943)

    Jean Renoir1941-1950DramaUSAWar
    This Land Is Mine (1943)
    This Land Is Mine (1943)

    A mild-mannered school teacher in a German-occupied town during World War II finds himself torn between collaboration and resistance.Read More »

  • Jean Renoir – Clo-Cloche AKA A Bum Deal (1935)

    1931-1940FranceJean RenoirShort Film
    Clo Cloche (1935)
    Clo Cloche (1935)

    In 1932, Michel Simon plays in “Boudu sauvé des eaux” under the direction of Jean Renoir.
    Three years later, he was again invited to don the clothes of the famous tramp on the sets of Boulogne.
    But it’s to shoot a film for advertising …Read More »

  • Jean Renoir – La nuit du carrefour AKA Night at the Crossroads (1932)

    Jean Renoir1931-1940CrimeFranceMystery
    La nuit du carrefour (1932)
    La nuit du carrefour (1932)

    Inspector Maigret investigates the mysterious murder of a Dutch diamond dealer, found dead in a stolen car. The car belongs to an insurance agent, Michonnet, and has been abandoned in the garage belonging to Carl Andersen.Read More »

  • Jean Renoir & Jean Tédesco – La petite marchande d’allumettes AKA The Little Match Girl (1928)

    Jean Renoir1921-1930ClassicsFranceJean TédescoShort Film
    La petite marchande d'allumettes (1928)
    La petite marchande d’allumettes (1928)

    The story of a frozen girl who tries to sell matches during Christmas and dreams about a toy store. The film is based on the 1845 short story of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen.Read More »

  • Jean Renoir – Sur un air de Charleston aka Charleston parade (1927)

    Jean Renoir1921-1930FantasyFranceSci-Fi
    Sur un air de Charleston (1927)
    Sur un air de Charleston (1927)

    French filmmaker Jean Renoir would later remark that he directed the sensual dance fantasy Charleston because he’d “just discovered American jazz.” He also had some stock footage left over from his previous silent success Nana, and decided it would be provident to fashion a new film from these leavings. Even without the benefit of sound, one can hear the jazzy rhythms of Charleston through the exuberant gyrations of an African-American dancer whom Renoir and his star, actress Catherine Hessling, had discovered for this picture. Originally titled Sur un air de Charleston, the film was also released as Charleston Parade in English-speaking countries. In some areas of the US and Europe, the film was greeted with protests from censorship boards who simply couldn’t appreciate the aesthetic value in Catherine Hessling’s near-nude dance numbers.
    ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie GuideRead More »

  • Jean Renoir – La règle du jeu aka The Rules of the Game (1939)

    Drama1931-1940Amos Vogel: Film as a Subversive ArtFranceJean Renoir

    Alain Resnais° wrote:
    It remains, I think, the single overwhelming experience I’ve ever had in a cinema. When I first came out of the theater, I remember I just had to sit on the edge of the pavement. I sat there for about five minutes and then I walked the streets of Paris for a couple of hours. For me, every thing had been turned upside down. All my ideas about the cinema had been changed. While I was actually watching the film, my impressions were so strong physically that I thought that if this or that sequence would to go for one more shot, I would either burst into tears or scream or something. Since then, of course, I’ve seen it at least fifteen times like most filmmakers of my generation. I even recorded the whole soundtrack on my tape recorder and it’s amazing how well it stands up well on its own.Read More »

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