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Jesús Franco & Jean Rollin & Pierre Quérut – Christina, princesse de l’érotisme aka A Virgin Among the Living Dead (1973)

After losing her mother at an early age and being raised at a boarding school, Cristina Reiner is notified of her father’s death and summoned to Monserrat Mansion for the reading of his will. Other members of her strange, accursed family are found there awaiting the imminent demise of Cristina’s ailing stepmother, whom she has never met. When Death finally visits the castle in the person of an elegantly attired Queen of Darkness, Cristina is approached by the ghost of her father, who advises her to flee the castle and her cold-skinned, bloodthirsty relatives. But is it already too late? Read More »

Jean Rollin – Les paumées du petit matin AKA The Runaways AKA The Escapees (1981)

Marie and Michelle are escaping from a lunatic asylum. Michelle is a tough girl who knows how to survive on the road, but the extremely shy Marie desperately clings to her until Michelle gives in and promises help. The two get into a lot of trouble which puts their friendship to a test. Read More »

Jean Rollin – Perdues dans New York AKA Lost in New York (1989)

Directed by French cult hero Jean Rollin, Perdues Dans New York/Lost In New York concerns two women who find themselves mysteriously transported from a seaside in France to the streets of New York City. Separated and lost, they must find each other and figure out how to get back home. Read More »

Jean Rollin – Les raisins de la mort AKA The Grapes of Death (1978)

The misadventures of young Elizabeth journeying through the French countryside by train. Her companion falls prey to a bloodthirsty zombie, while she barely escapes with her life and dodges an undead shambler with a penchant for bashing his head against car windshields. She finds shelter in a nearby farmhouse inhabited by a man and wife, but alas her safety is short-lived when the farmer takes a pitchfork to his spouse on the kitchen table. Apparently their consumption of wine for the local vineyards is to blame, and soon the countryside is filled with the anguished, half-conscious victims of the grapes contaminated by chemical exposure. With the aid of two die hard beer drinkers, Elizabeth fights back against the growing zombie population during a long night of unrelenting terror. Read More »

Jean Rollin – La nuit des traquées aka The Night of the Hunted (1980)

A woman is taken to a mysterious clinic whose patients have a mental disorder in which their memories and identities are disintegrating as a result of a strange environmental accident. Read More »

Jean Rollin – Vibrations sexuelles AKA Sexual Vibrations [Alpha France Version] (1977)

Alban has lost the lust for love. A female psychiatrist helps him to find the meaning of life and sex once more.

This is the official French dvd version of this film from Alpha France.

Starring: Alban Ceray, Brigitte Lahaie, Maude Carolle, Emmanuelle Rivière, Myriam Watteau, Rachel Mhas, Elisabeth Pelin & Catherine Castel. Read More »

Jean Rollin – Les Pays Loin AKA The Far Country (1965)


LES PAYS LOIN was Jean Rollin’s second short film. It was never screened in the cinema-or even film festivals- until years after it was made and, even then, on extremely rare occasions. This Encore release is the first opportunity that almost anyone has had to see this early work. The film is a science fiction piece in which a man and a woman are lost in a maze of streets and can’t remember how they got there. When they do make it out onto the busy, populated streets, things are no better. The landmarks are unfamiliar and the people speak a strange language. Even at this very early stage, one can already see the themes of loneliness and melancholy, and a yearning for release that are trademarks of Rollin characters throughout his entire body of work. Read More »