Jennifer Jason Leigh

  • Amy Heckerling – Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

    A group of Southern California high school students are enjoying their most important subjects: sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.Read More »

  • Lili Fini Zanuck – Rush (1991)

    Two small-town Texas cops go undercover to catch a major drug dealer and are sucked into the drug culture, compromising their assignment.Read More »

  • Brandon Cronenberg – Possessor AKA Possessor: Uncut (2020)

    Tasya Vos works for a secretive organization, which uses brain implant technology to inhabit other people’s bodies, for the purpose of driving them to commit assassinations. Before long, Tasya not only experiences the aftermath of this cruel task, but also encounters a more complex host than usual.Read More »

  • Matthew Chapman – Heart of Midnight (1988)

    Carol Rivers receives the surprise news that she has inherited the Midnight nightclub in her Uncle Fletcher’s will. She decides to take it over, ignoring the advice of her mother who is concerned about Carol’s history of mental illness and wants her to sell it. Three guys break in and rape Carol but the complaint is dismissed by police because of her psychiatric history. Carol is charmed by a police detective, but he later appears to be an impostor. She soon starts to learn about the perverse secrets that the club once held.Read More »

  • Noah Baumbach – Margot at the Wedding [+ Extras] (2007)

    Online review of film:
    Eventually it may be that Noah Baumbach could turn into this country’s answer to France’s Eric Rohmer, turning out a steady diet of small, circumspect dramas about the lives and neurotic times of New York-era literary bourgeoisie. That’s one of the things that comes to mind as one takes in Margot at the Wedding, Baumbach’s fourth time out as writer/director and one that seems to set a template for the future. It’s a chill breeze of a film steeped in ugly inter-familial squabbling and the blinkered mentality of its self-absorbed characters who can generally only raise their gaze from their own navels long enough to find something lacking in the person they’re addressing.Read More »

  • Ulu Grosbard – Georgia (1995)

    Sadie is desperately looking up to her older sister Georgia who is a famous C&W artist. Sadie wants to be a famous artist like her sister, but is always doing everything wrong. Her desperate need to be accepted by her sister is constantly complicated by her drug and alcohol problems. Georgia lives a very ordered life with husband, house and children, and Sadie does everything to get her attention.Read More »

  • Agnieszka Holland – Washington Square (1997)

    This period piece by Polish director Agnieszka Holland is one of her most successful Hollywood ventures. It’s the second film adaptation of the Henry James novel, but strikes a very different, more feminist and acutely observed, note than William Wyler’s The Heiress, its gaudy 1949 predecessor.

    Catherine (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is the plain and socially awkward daughter of wealthy Dr Austin Sloper (Albert Finney). Sloper came into his fortune by marrying a rich woman whose death giving birth to Catherine has permanently embittered him against her.Read More »

  • Alan Rudolph – Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994)

    synopsis – AMG:
    Jennifer Jason Leigh offers an acclaimed performance as humorist Dorothy Parker, who together with such 1920s luminaries as Robert Benchley, Alexander Woollcott and George S. Kaufman, was a charter member of the legendary Algonquin Round Table. The story is related in flashback form, as Mrs. Parker, in Hollywood to cowrite the 1937 feature A Star is Born with her second husband Alan Campbell (Peter Gallagher), recalls her glory days as an Algonquinite. A great deal of attention is afforded Parker’s vituperative bon mots, her alcoholism, her self-destructiveness, her suicide attempts, and her affairs with such literary contemporaries as Charles MacArthur (an uncharacteristically unsympathetic Matthew Broderick) and Robert E. Sherwood (Nick Cassavetes). Read More »

  • Benny Safdie & Josh Safdie – Good Time (2017)

    After a heist goes awry, a bank robber tries to free his brother from Rikers Island, all in one night.Read More »

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