Jerry Desmonde

  • Robert Asher – Follow a Star (1959)

    Norman Truscott is a store worker who dreams of stardom. Vernon Carew is a singer whose star is fading. Vernon manages to get a recording of Norman singing and passes it off as himself.Read More »

  • Robert Asher – The Early Bird (1965)

    Norman is the assistant helping to run a small, old fashioned dairy which is threatened by a larger, modern organisation. Norman does his best to save the dairy (and his horse) and the usual chaos ensues.Read More »

  • John Paddy Carstairs – Up in the World (1956)

    Norman is a window cleaner who has to clean a manor house with hundreds of windows. He is distracted by the son of the house who persuades him to go into town. When some villains try and kidnap the young heir Norman fights them off but the heir has banged his head and can’t remember Norman’s heroic stand.Read More »

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