Jerzy Skolimowski

  • Jerzy Skolimowski – Moonlighting (1982)

    Jerzy Skolimowski1981-1990DramaUnited Kingdom
    Moonlighting (1982)
    Moonlighting (1982)

    Nowak (Irons) leads a small team of Polish building contractors, hired by a wealthy Pole to illegally refurbish his London home. They slip into England under false pretenses and squat in the house as they work on it–but shortly after they arrive, the military take over Poland and declare martial law (this real event happened in December of 1981). Only Nowak speaks English, so only he knows this has happened; fearing that if the others find out, they’ll stop working, he decides not to tell them. As he starts stealing and scamming to stretch their rapidly vanishing money, Nowak grows increasingly paranoid and mentally fragile. Moonlighting is a political allegory and a psychological portrait, but thanks to Irons’ sympathetic performance, the movie is also rivetingly suspenseful.Read More »

  • Jerzy Skolimowski – Bariera AKA Barrier (1966)

    1961-1970ArthouseDramaJerzy SkolimowskiPoland
    Bariera (1966)
    Bariera (1966)

    A student abandons his way of life and wanders, suitcase in hand, seeking a place in life, literally and metaphorically. Two attitudes clash in this character – resignation and a readiness to adjust to life according to the generally accepted pattern (“little stabilization”), and the remnants of youthful rebellion, refusal to accept a boring life centred around making money. (Awards: 1966 – Bergamo, International Art Film Festival – Grand Prix; 1968 – Valladolid, IFF – Jury Special Prize).Read More »

  • Jerzy Skolimowski – The Adventures of Gerard (1970)

    Jerzy Skolimowski1961-1970AdventureComedyUnited Kingdom
    The Adventures of Gerard (1970)
    The Adventures of Gerard (1970)

    Based on satirical short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about a vain, egotistical Etienne Gerard, a French brigadier serving during the Napoleonic Wars. He thinks he’s the best soldier and lover that ever lived and intends to prove it.Read More »

  • Jerzy Skolimowski – Rysopis AKA Identification Marks: None (1965)

    1961-1970Amos Vogel: Film as a Subversive ArtArthouseDramaJerzy SkolimowskiPoland

    A day in the life of student Andrzej who, between the morning and late afternoon, gives up on his studies, breaks up with his partner, and decides to join the army. Before his departure, Andrzej tries to straighten out his life, and encounters Barbara, who he sees as the woman he always waited for.Read More »

  • Jerzy Skolimowski – Rece do góry! AKA Hands Up! (1981)

    1981-1990ExperimentalJerzy SkolimowskiPolandPolitics

    PLOT: HANDS UP! is a Polish drama film directed by Jerzy Skolimowski. It is the fourth of a series of semi-autobiographical films in which Skolimowski himself plays his alter ego, Andrzej Leszczyc. The film was originally made in 1967 in monochrome. In a twenty minute section (filmed in colour) added by Skolimowski in 1981 he explains how the original was withheld by Polish censors of the time, and that this was a principal cause of his leaving his country; however following liberalisation in Poland, he was invited to resuscitate it. The introduction includes, apart from some fictional apocalyptic passages, shots of Beirut ruined by the civil wars of the 1970s, where Skolimowski is working as an actor on Volker Schloendorff’s German film CIRCLE OF DECEIT, and also shots of London featuring demonstrations in favour of Solidarnosc, Speaker’s Corner, and an exhibition of Skolimowski’s own paintings. These sections include cameo roles by Bruno Ganz, David Essex, Mike Sarne and others. Some of the music in this introduction is from the 1970 choral work « Kosmogonia » by the Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki.Read More »

  • Jerzy Skolimowski – Eo (2022)

    2021-2030ArthouseDramaJerzy SkolimowskiPoland

    The world is a mysterious place when seen through the eyes of an animal. EO, a grey donkey with melancholic eyes, meets good and bad people on his life’s path, experiences joy and pain, endures the wheel of fortune randomly turn his luck into disaster and his despair into unexpected bliss. But not even for a moment does he lose his innocence.Read More »

  • Jerzy Skolimowski – Torrents of Spring (1989)

    Drama1981-1990Jerzy SkolimowskiRomanceUSA

    In 1840, a young Russian aristocrat, Dimitri Sanin, is returning home after a long tour of Europe. In Germany, he falls in love with a beautiful pastry shop girl, Gemma Rosselli, who soon starts sharing his feelings. They decide to get married and, in order to finance the wedding, Dimitri goes back to Russia to sell his family estate. Unfortunately he falls prey to a seductress, Princess Maria Nikolaevna, who pretends to be willing to buy his land to come nearer him. Now Sanin is in a fix: should he choose the pure Gemma or the evil but irresistible Maria?Read More »

  • Jerzy Skolimowski – Rysopis AKA Identification Marks: None (1965)

    Jerzy Skolimowski1961-1970Amos Vogel: Film as a Subversive ArtArthouseDramaPoland

    Jerzy Skolimowski’s debut is a combination of short student films made over the 4 years he spent at the Film School in Łódź. Identification Marks: None is the first instalment in the story about Andrzej Leszczyc, played by the director himself.Read More »

  • Jerzy Skolimowski – The Lightship (1985)

    Jerzy Skolimowski1981-1990CrimeDramaUSA

    A trio of robbers, two brothers and their twisted genius leader, invade a lightship, but don’t reckon on the crew fighting back.Read More »

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