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Dominik Graf – Kalter Frühling AKA Cold Spring (2004)

Ekkehard Knörer @ jumpcut.de wrote:
Dominik Graf makes movies for TV that are bigger than TV, but in his case this might be not a problem at all. It seems that his films work best as movies made for TV, TV as movies. This is because of the hackneyed stories he and his writers certainly twist and turn – without the intention, however, of turning them into art. Or rather, it is an art that turns its back to TV. This movement of turning its back remains important, though, as a gesture, a gesture that works best at the place it turns away from: TV. Dominik Graf’s art is an art of transcending TV by means of using it, of reproducing it in a radically transformed way. It remains recognizable in the stories, the motives – not the emotions, though. Read More »

Florian Eichinger – Die Hände meiner Mutter AKA Hands of a Mother (2016)

Tensions are already mounting during a family celebration on a riverboat when Markus (Andreas Döhler) has a sickening flash of a long-repressed memory. His mother, he realises, sexually abused him, and it’s only now that the thirty-nine-year-old husband and father is beginning to grasp the enormity of the events that his child’s mind shuttered long ago. Read More »