Jim Wynorski

  • Jim Wynorski – Hard Bounty (1995)

    1991-2000EroticaJim WynorskiUSAWestern

    After years of bringing in desperadoes more dead than alive, Martin B. Kanning, a notorious bounty hunter, hangs up his guns to become the owner of Boomtown Saloon. However, owning a business isn’t the vacation he envisioned, as he finds himself the mediator to a bevy of working girls, including Donnie, a curvaceous fireball with whom he takes a very personal interest. When one of the girls is brutally murdered by a local land baron, Kanning finds himself caught between the law and three bad girls wielding Colt .45s and a bitter taste for revenge. He rides off in hot pursuit of the killer with Donnie and the others, ensuring that justice will be served. It all climaxes with a nerve-shattering, three-way shootout at high noon in this fast-moving Western that helps put the “wild” back into the Wild West.Read More »

  • Jim Wynorski – Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure (1995)

    1991-2000DramaEroticaJim WynorskiUSA


    Simon Mitchell was a successful and powerful criminal defense attorney, the kind of man accustomed to having a jury or a woman see things his way. Then sex psychologist Dr. Claire Archer (Shannon Tweed) walks into his office, accused of murder. To his surprise, he’s strongly attracted to his new client. Powerless to resist her, he’s rapidly drawn into an ever-tightening web of obsession, lust and betrayal. Now, with both his marriage and career on the rocks, he may have to give up something more valuable. Because saving the life of this sexual predator could easily cost him his own.Read More »

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