John Lamb

  • John Lamb – Sexual Liberty Now (1971)

    John Lamb1971-1980DocumentaryExploitationUSA
    Sexual Liberty Now (1971)
    Sexual Liberty Now (1971)

    After the national success of Sexual Freedom in Denmark, producer John Lamb leapt back into the fray, releasing Sexual Liberty Now! in the fall of 1971. Sexual Liberty takes a defensive posture, specifically focusing on the efforts of certain members of the President’s Commission on Obscenity and Pornography to stamp out the menace of sexual expression in the United States. “Pornography perhaps is a nuisance,” the film’s narrator intones toward the film’s end, “but it’s certainly not a menace.”Read More »

  • John Lamb – Sex Freaks (1974)

    John Lamb1971-1980DocumentaryEroticaUSA
    Sex Freaks (1974)
    Sex Freaks (1974)

    Sex Freaks is a catalog of all things kinky voyeurism, nymphomania, necrophilia, sadomasochism with a few unusual novelties thrown in along the way (sex in a carwash, at a bullfight, underwater, in the snow) this unusual example of a Sex-Shockumentary posits that the Devil is responsible for our deviant ways!Read More »

  • Jack Hill & John Lamb – Mondo Keyhole (1966)

    1961-1970EroticaExploitationJack HillJohn LambUSA

    Howard Thorne is a rapist in Los Angeles: he meets women at work and at parties or he sees them walking down the street, and he follows them, terrifies them, and assaults them. He also dreams about these assaults, and he’s unclear how much of what he’s done is real and how much is fantasy. He ignores his heroin-using wife, Vicki, who tries everything she can think of to get his sexual attention. Howard and Vicki go separately to a costume party where she learns the full truth about his nature and where he is stalked by one of his recent victims. Individualized versions of Hell await Howard and Vicki.Read More »

  • John Lamb – Sexual Freedom In Denmark (1970)

    1961-1970DenmarkDocumentaryEroticaExploitationJohn Lamb


    Starting as a documentary on the sexually liberated culture of late-Sixties Denmark, Sexual Freedom in Denmark winds up incorporating major elements of the marriage manual form and even manages to squeeze in a montage of beaver loops and erotic art. All narrated with earnest pronouncements concerning the social and psychological benefits of sexual liberation. Tame by the standards of 1971, when hardcore loops and features would begin to flood certain metropolitan markets, the film was shocking enough in 1970 to instigate media attention and long lines at the box office.Read More »

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