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Tat-Chi Yau & Johnnie To – Am faa AKA The Longest Nite (1998)

A bloody gang warfare is prevailing in Macau. When the rumor makes its rounds, that legendary boss Mr. Hung is coming back to Macau and wants to regain his power, the bosses of two rivalling gangs, Mr. K and Lung, decide to lay their difficulties aside and work together. Read More »

Johnnie To – A Lang de gu shi AKA All About Ah Long (1989)

A father’s ex-girlfriend resurfaces after a 10-year absence wanting to take her son away from him. With his world shattered, he must decide between what is best for his son and his own future happiness. Read More »

Johnnie To – Heung joh chow heung yau chow aka Turn left turn right (2003)

This movie is a great adaptation from the book by the renown artist Jimmy from Taiwan. Not only faithfully materializing the conception from the poetic illustrations in the book, the movie also adds witty dialogs and funny buffoon performance of the supporting roles for the whole story, which does not exist in the original. The movie debuted as number 1 in the box offices of Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The original book has been sold for more than tens of thousands copies in more than five languages. Read More »

Johnnie To – Yesterday Once More (2004)

Romance blossoms again for a divorced jewel-thief couple as they try to rekindle the love they once had for each. Read More »

Johnnie To – Hak se wui AKA Election (2005)

The time has come, as it does every two years, for the senior members of Hong Kong’s oldest Triad,
The Wo Shing Society, to elect a new chairman. Fierce rivalries emerge between the two eligible
candidates. Lok, respected by the Uncles is the favourite to win. But his rival Big D will stop at
nothing to change this, including going against hundreds of years of Triad tradition and influencing
the vote with money and violence. Read More »

Johnnie To – Chihuo Quan Wang AKA Chasing Dream (2019)

A young man and woman are meeting each other and establishes a special relationship due to debt problems. Him, finds that her have a singing talent and help her develop a singing career. For its part, he also strives to become the champion of the boxing championship. Both have the same state of mind and fight for their dream. Even if they burn their lives, they will have no regrets in this life. Read More »

Johnnie To – Hua li shang ban zu AKA Office (2015)

Synopsis: In this stylish musical, a CEO’s plan to take her company public hits a roadblock when an audit exposes a great deal of corruption. As a result, the stock bonus her former mentor had promised her is in jeopardy. Read More »