José Garcia

  • Christian Vincent – Quatre étoiles aka Four Stars (2006) (HD)

    2001-2010Christian VincentComedyFranceRomance

    French helmer Christian Vincent’s quirky labyrinthine comedy Quatre étoiles (AKA 4 Stars, 2005) opens with a comely young girl named Franssou (nicknamed France) stumbling into a highly promising set of circumstances. Though France’s great-great aunt feels less than completely enchanted with her, she wills the young girl an inheritance of 52,000 Euros ($62,000.00) on her deathbed. Upon receiving the money, France promptly ditches her dishwater-dull beau and high-tails it to a posh hotel in Cannes, where she falls into the lap of Stephane – a pushy flim-flam artist eager to pass himself off as Elton John’s front man, then to hit France up for 30,000 of the Euros. Though France sees right through his ploy, she (surprisingly) agrees to the request – but nothing can compare Stephane for the conditions that France will impose – or for the genuine feelings that France begins to harbor for him. Or does she? Screen vet François Cluzet co-stars; Vincent co-authored the script with Olivier Dazat.Read More »

  • Carlos Saura – El 7º día AKA The 7th Day (2004)

    2001-2010Carlos SauraCrimeDramaSpain

    In an isolated village in Extremadura (Spain), the Jiménez and Fuentes families have a violent history of land disputes, jealousy, envy, and violence.Read More »

  • Philippe Harel – Extension du domaine de la lutte AKA Whatever (1999)

    1991-2000DramaFrancePhilippe Harel

    Based on the fantastic book by Michel Houellebecq :

    OUR hero in this gloriously dark piece is a depressed, cynical, sexually obsessed systems engineer moping through life perked up only by the fun he has putting others into a similarly suicidal state. When he is sent on a work trip to train up clients to use his company’s software he is forced to travel with the slimy Raphael, an unreconstruted male bursting with such sheer desperation that he is destined never to have success with the women he chases…Read More »

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