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José Mojica Marins – Exorcismo Negro AKA Black Exorcism of Coffin Joe (1974)

The director José Mojica Marins travels to spend Christmas with friends in the small farm where they live and write the story of his next film. However, he observes eerie things in the house, with his friends being possessed one by one by some supernatural evil force. Sooner he learns that the matriarch of the family had made a deal with a local witch Malvina to get pregnant and save her marriage. In return, Malvina should indicate who would marry the girl. However, her daughter Wilma is engaged of her beloved fiancé and Malvina wants her to get married with Eugenio, who is the son of Satan. Further, José Mojica Marins discovers that his fictional creation Zé do Caixão (a.k.a. Coffin Joe) is ready to collect the souls of Wilma’s family and only and exorcism may save the doomed family. Read More »

Marcelo Motta & José Mojica Marins – A Estranha Hospedaria dos Prazeres AKA The Strange Hostel of Naked Pleasures (1976)

The events of several travelers who stop at a sinister hostel one stormy night. Read More »