Josiane Balasko

  • Bertrand Blier – Trop belle pour toi AKA Too Beautiful for You (1989)

    1981-1990Bertrand BlierDramaFrance
    Trop belle pour toi (1989)
    Trop belle pour toi (1989)

    Time Out wrote:
    Bernard (Depardieu) is a wealthy businessman, happily married to beautiful, elegant Florence (Bouquet). Much to his astonishment, he falls in love with his comparatively dowdy secretary, Colette (Balasko). It’s no office fling but the real thing, and – to Bernard – completely incomprehensible. Once again charting the outrageous repercussions of an obsessive love, Blier proceeds to explore the situation from every conceivable angle, merrily constructing and deconstructing alternative stories for all he’s worth. Although the film fails to sustain itself over 90 minutes, much of the first half is very funny and occasionally sharp; Buñuelian motifs are mischievously resurrected, and Blier’s parodies and fantasy sequences are brilliantly dovetailed in a series of waltzing, switchback camera movements that are a joy to behold. Blier is a classy, amusing film maker, but one suspects he is too fundamentally bourgeois to truly shock or surprise; and this movie ends dispiritingly with the most banal of all its potential options.Read More »

  • Antonin Peretjatko – La pièce rapportée aka Old Fashioned (2020)

    2011-2020Antonin PeretjatkoComedyFrance

    Paul Château-Têtard, 48, falls in love with a young woman working as a counter clerk in the subway. After he marries her, his mother launches a private detective on her tracks to prove she’s cheating on her son.Read More »

  • Patricia Mazuy – Sport de filles (2011)

    2011-2020DramaFrancePatricia Mazuy

    A horsewoman in search of a steed. Gracieuse, a farmer’s daughter, is disgusted at the way the horses she trained to the top levels of jumping are taken away from her. She meets the legendary trainer Franz Mann, who now manages a rich landowner’s estate, and with his help starts over in the world of dressage. But just as she feels she has finally found the right horse, she realizes that talent counts for nothing when facing the personal and high financial stakes of the game.Read More »

  • Josiane Balasko – Cliente AKA A French Gigolo AKA Client (2008)

    2001-2010DramaFranceJosiane BalaskoRomance


    AMG: Gallic actress-turned-director Josiane Balasko – a Euro cinema mainstay best known for her unconventional romantic lead in Bertrand Blier’s 1989 Trop belle pour toi – helms and co-stars in Cliente, a quirky and offbeat look at the bittersweet life of a male prostitute, which Balasko co-adapted from her 2005 novel with screenwriter Franck Lee Joseph. Eric Caravaca stars as Marco, a French hustler in his mid-30s whose path criss-crosses with that of infomercial actress Judith (Nathalie Baye) in a local park. A nascent divorcee, she’s in the mood for a quick fling, and follows suit with Marco, but this infuriates her sister, Irene (Balasko). Both sexual partners intend to enjoy the liaison as a one-time engagement; for better or worse, it soon repeats itself on multiple occasions and evolves into a deep-seated and very sticky relationship with lots of emotional strings. Significantly, this makes matters very complex and messy for Marco, who happens to be married to hairdresser Fanny (Isabelle Carre) and shares a residence with her, her mother (Catherine Hiegel) and her goth-decked sister (Marilou Berry, Balasko’s real-life daughter)). Fanny, it seems, harbors no knowledge of Marco’s real profession; when she discovers the truth, she systematically attempts to use her husband’s profession to her own selfish advantages in lieu of objecting passionately or leaving him.Read More »

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