Julien Duvivier

  • Julien Duvivier – Le paquebot Tenacity aka S.S. Tenacity (1934)

    Drama1931-1940ClassicsFranceJulien Duvivier
    Le paquebot Tenacity (1934)
    Le paquebot Tenacity (1934)

    Paris, at the time of the Great Depression. Bastien, a manual worker, persuades his timid friend, Ségard, to leave with him for Canada, to start a new life in a country where, according to the publicity films, everything is possible. The two men arrive in the port of Le Havre, ready to depart on the ocean liner Tenacity. They take lodgings at a boarding house where they both fall under the spell of the charming serving girl Thérèse. When the boat’s departure is delayed, Bastien takes advantage of the hiatus to court Thérèse. One evening, he gets her drunk and lures her into bed with him, without his friend knowing. The next day, Bastien has made up his mind to stay in France with Thérèse…Read More »

  • Julien Duvivier – Allo Berlin? Ici Paris! (1932)

    Julien Duvivier1931-1940ComedyFrance
    Allo Berlin? Ici Paris! (1932)
    Allo Berlin? Ici Paris! (1932)

    Lily and Erich, telephone operators in Paris and Berlin, respectively, fall in love over the telephone wires and resolve to meet in Paris. Their simple plan is confounded by Erich’s unexpected travel delay and the subterfuge of their friends Annette and Max. Two cases of mistaken romantic identity result and play out against the streets, bistros and beds of Paris. True love triumphs in the end.Read More »

  • Julien Duvivier – L’affaire Maurizius AKA On Trial (1954)

    1951-1960DramaFranceJulien Duvivier

    Etzel, the son of prosecutor Wolf Andergast, discovers that eight years ago his father condemned Léonard Maurizius to a life sentence in prison for the murder of his wife Elisabeth. The case made Andergast famous but Etzel knows that Maurizius’s conviction depended on the dubious testimony of a witness named Grégoire Waremme. Determined to find out the truth, Etzel tracks Waremme down to Zurich and discovers that the evidence he gave at the trial was not the whole truth…Read More »

  • Julien Duvivier – Die fünf verfluchten Gentlemen (1931)

    1931-1940FranceJulien DuvivierMysteryThriller

    European tourists on holiday in Morocco are threatened by a native sorcerer who predicts five of them will die, one by one, before the full moon.Read More »

  • Julien Duvivier – La fin du jour (1939)

    Julien Duvivier1931-1940DramaFrance

    Synopsis wrote:
    Aged penniless actors are living in a old people’s home. They always talk about their past glory or failures. One day Raphael Saint-Clair comes; he has been a famous actor and had a lot of love affairs. Passions come back, and jealousies… A bitter film about aging, failure and the entertainment.Read More »

  • Julien Duvivier – Marie-Octobre AKA Secret Meeting (1959)

    Drama1951-1960FranceJulien DuvivierMystery

    Fifteen years after WWII, a group of ex-resistance fighters are brought together by Marie-Octobre, so that the former members of the network can finally relive one fateful night and find out who betrayed their murdered leader, Castille.Read More »

  • Julien Duvivier – Diaboliquement vôtre AKA Diabolically Yours (1967)

    1961-1970CrimeFranceJulien DuvivierThriller

    A provocative French thriller places a wealthy man (Delon) at the center of an extraordinary plot after a car crash leaves him unable to remember who he is. With his wife (Senta Berger) convinced he is faking amnesia, he sets out to discover who and why someone wants him to believe he is going crazy and should end his life.Read More »

  • Julien Duvivier – Boulevard (1960)

    1951-1960DramaFranceJulien DuvivierQueer Cinema(s)

    Jojo has been living for a while in a room under the roof of a block of flats in Pigalle. He has chosen to leave home since he realized his stepmother has hated him from day one. Among his many neighbors in the house is the gorgeous Jenny Dorr, a nightclub dancer,whose lover he dreams of becoming. But as the boy is only sixteen Jenny proves kind and motherly but that’s that. Worse, she becomes the lover of Dicky, a mediocre boxer farting around in the Pigalle cafés. On the other hand, Jojo, who has no income, must absolutely find work, all the more as he woos Marietta, one of his other neighbors, a young lady more suited to his age. Selling magazines works for a while but posing as Narcissus for two gay artists proves a disaster. When things go really awry, Jojo tries to commit suicide by jumping off the roof of his house…Read More »

  • Julien Duvivier – L’agonie de Jérusalem (1927)

    1921-1930FranceJulien DuvivierSilent

    Marc Verdier, a former professor and devout catholic, lives in Jerusalem near the Mount of Olives, with his crippled wife and Septime, his eccentric brother. On his part,Jean-Louis, Marc’s son is in Paris where he continues his studies. Or so he thinks, for, in actual fact, he is the leader of a dangerous anarchist network hiding under the code name of Sirias…Read More »

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