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Nobuhiko Ôbayashi – Reibyo densetsu AKA Legend of the Cat Monster (1983)

Another stunning Tuesday Suspense Theater movie from Obayashi. I love how there is some music playing almost every second of the film. That gives the movie an special feeling of drama and I think of it as another way to telling the viewer like Hey, don’t forget you’re watching a movie!

And the fact that this is a cat monster movie about making a cat monster movie featuring Takeko Irie, also known as the cat monster actress, and her daughter playing a character inspired in herself! I will sure give a rewatch to this after I watch some of Takako Irie’s cat monster movies. Read More »

Kazuo Kuroki – Suri aka Pickpocket (2000)

Kaido is a professional pickpocket who works the Tokyo subway with his young foster-daughter, Rei: She lets herself be groped while Kaido relieves the groper of his wallet. More often than not they’re observed by a middle-aged cop, who generally lets Kaido go free. Rei is unsettled when Kaido takes on a young street punk, Kazuki, as an apprentice — with instructions to make Kaido stop drinking. Kazuki, however, would like to go into business with Rei. Read More »

Naoto Takenaka – Muno no hito aka Nowhere Man (1991)

Sukezo, a farmer manga comic artist, takes up the art rock business by setting up a shop in a shed by the river. He tries hard to be successful, but business does not go well and the family becomes progressively poorer.
Based on the Manga by Yoshiharu Tsuge. Read More »

Seijun Suzuki – Haru-Sakura AKA Seijun’s Different Stages of Cherry Blossoms (1983)

A man looking to transplant cherry blossoms along the countryside encounters a blind woman who accompanies him for the journey. Read More »