Juraj Jakubisko

  • Juraj Jakubisko – Mal’ované na dreve AKA Painted on Wood (1979)

    A rare film by Juraj Jakubisko about the power of music.Read More »

  • Juraj Jakubisko – Perinbaba aka The Feather Fairy (1985)

    A 1985 adaptation of the Brothers Grimm’s Mother Hulda short story directed by Slovak director Juraj Jakubisko. A fairy tale about a grandma who cares for snow and a boy who isn’t afraid of death.Read More »

  • Juraj Jakubisko – Nevera po slovensky AKA Infidelity the Slovak Way (1981)

    Jakubisko’s comedy about infidelity inside the community of lumberjacks in three chapters. First, Group of men gets to know that there comes a group of female brigadiers to a near village and tries to seduce them, which won’t come out as precisely as they wanted. In the next chapter, one girl got pregnant and lumberjacks tries to solve this by a wedding to a man called Domino. In the final phase, they’re struggling for the succesful wedding and are affraid of possible punishment from their wives.Read More »

  • Juraj Jakubisko – Kristove roky AKA The Crucial Years (1967)

    Jakubiskos debut, by many considered his best movie. The title can be translated as “The Crucial Years”, but literally it is “The Christ Years”, based on the idiomatic notion that a man should accomplish something in life before he reaches the age of Jesus when he was crucified. The film surely has some autobiographical elements, as it is about a beginning artist from Eastern Slovakia who lives and works in Prague.Read More »

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