Kanji Furutachi

  • Akiko Ôku – Katte ni furuetero AKA Tremble All You Want (2017)

    Virgin twenty-something girl is neat, talented and professional, although almost too much of all these. She is an office lady who still romanticizes a school-mate, but has the opportunity to move on and forward with a man at an afterRead More »

  • Tetsuya Mariko – Miyamoto kara Kimi e AKA From Miyamoto to You (2019)

    Following the manga series and the subsequent television serial of the same name, and featuring the same cast, a young and relatively inexperienced man comes across a woman during his working day and sparks fly.Read More »

  • Kazuhiro Sôda – Engeki 2 AKA Theatre 2 (2012)

    Can the theatre arts survive in the 21st century?

    If Theatre 1 is about the world of Hirata, Theatre 2 is a feature documentary, which depicts the relationship between Hirata and the world we live in. In order for his art and his not-so-commercial company to survive this highly capitalistic modern society, what kind of strategy does Hirata have and practice?Read More »

  • Kazuhiro Sôda – Engeki 1 AKA Theatre 1 (2012)

    What is the essence of theatre?

    Theatre 1 is a feature length documentary which closely depicts the world of Oriza Hirata, Japan’s leading playwright and director, and his theatrical company, Seinendan. By depicting them, the film leads the audience to revisit fundamental but timely questions: What is theatre? Why do human beings act?Read More »

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