Katharina Behrens

  • Henrika Kull – Glück AKA Bliss (2021)

    2021-2030DramaGermanyHenrika Kull

    In a world where their femininity is considered a commodity, two sex workers fall in love with each other. Together – and yet each on her own – they experience the one moment when happiness seems possible – but their love is threatened by different ideas of life and their own abysses.Read More »

  • Ilker Çatak – Räuberhände AKA Stambul Garden (2021)

    2021-2030DramaGermanyIlker Çatak

    Janik and Samuel are extremely close best friends celebrating the end of their Senior year of high school. Both come from completely different worlds, Janik’s parents are seemingly perfect, while Samuel comes from a broken home. In turn, Samuel is looking for stability. Janik just wants to rebel. Sex and sexuality are never far from the surface for both, which leads to one impulsive moment that could threaten their friendship forever. In an attempt to rekindle their relationship, the boys set off on a trip to Istanbul, but the blurred line that has been crossed proves hard to re-establish. A thoroughly modern take on the bonds that develop between young men.Read More »

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