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Kazik Radwanski – Tower (2012)

Derek is 34 and lives in his parents’ basement. Single, self-interested and gauche, he divides his time between casual work for his uncle, cringe inducing encounters with women and an animation project. Read More »

Kazik Radwanski – How Heavy This Hammer (2015)

Erwin, a middle-aged married man, finds that his only outlet is online gaming. After trying to make a drastic shift in his life, he finds himself in the same rut as before.

Angelo Muredda @CinemaScope wrote:
…Radwanski looks to another late bloomer with his just as well-observed How Heavy This Hammer, closely following listless middle-aged father Erwin (Erwin Van Cotthem), who periodically escapes his humdrum domestic life through online strategy games that allow him to reimagine himself as some sort of Viking. Read More »