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Yasuzô Masumura – Otto ga mita ‘Onna no kobako’ yori AKA The Husband Witnessed (1964)

The young owner of the nightclub,Ishizuka(Jiro Tamiya) is attracted to
a beautiful married woman, Namiko(Ayako Wakao) and is falling in love with her. However, Ishizuka forms a plot to take over Namikos husbands company through greenmail. Masumura portayed the love ,conspiracy, betrayal between a man and a woman tenaciously. The elements of noir and melodrama are balanced in quite exquisite harmony. Read More »

Kôzaburô Yoshimura – Yoru no kawa AKA River of the Night (1956)

Japanese drama from the 1950s, following a proud textile-dying family who continue practicing the traditional art even when most are abandoning it. Eldest daughter Kiwa (Fujiko Yamamoto) fuels the business with her ambition and unquestionable talent, but her attraction to a genetics professor will take her and her family’s practice to an unforeseeable direction… Read More »