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Stellan Olsson – Deadline (1971)

An aircraft with biological weapons explodes above the Kulla Peninsula in Skåne. The fog rolls in over the small seaside resort of Mölle, people start coughing, the police starts evacuating people and soon the first death is reported. Read More »

Gustav Wiklund – Sängkamrater aka Wide Open [+Extras] (1975)


The taxidriver Paul and his girlfriend, the journalist Marianne (Solveig Andersson) starts to argue when Paul drags home his father, who is an alcoholic. At a party the bored Paul seduces a willing blonde in the room next to all the other guests. The next morning he wakes up between Marianne and her sister Beryl. The next couple of days are very hectic for Paul, with striptease, women and a meeting with the sadistic Mr X. Beryl escapes Mr X dressed only in a minkfur filled with drugs. Very dangerous…! Read More »