Keve Hjelm

  • Susan Sontag – Bröder Carl (1971)

    Two women, Karen (theatre director) and Lena, visit an island, a Swedish resort, where Lena’s ex-husband, Martin (choreographer), lives in comparative seclusion with a mentally disturbed ballet dancer named Carl. Carl is brother by guilt rather than blood, for Martin is somehow responsible for his breakdown.Read More »

  • Bo Widerberg – Kvarteret Korpen aka Raven’s End (1963)

    By Roger Ebert / March 20, 1972
    The young man looks at the empty lives of the people living on his block, and writes an angry book about the way they’ve been treated. A publisher invites him to Stockholm to discuss the manuscript, but finally patronizes him: “There is a cry of rage here, but it is still inarticulate.” Sobbing with frustration, the young man tells a sympathetic neighbor girl: “Sometimes a cry is so loud it cannot be heard.” They make love that night, the girl becomes pregnant, and before long the young man believes that he has been trapped just as his parents were.Read More »

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