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Toshiaki Toyoda – Senritsu seshimeyo AKA Shiver (2021)

Essentially a series of vignettes that present an impressive combination of image and sound, “Shiver” seems to focus on concepts as tradition, through a distinct jidai-geki approach, nature and particularly water, as exhibited in the waves of the sea and the flow of the waterfalls, and the human body as connected to the playing of different percussion instruments. More intensely though, Toshiaki Toyoda focuses on the ways music is formed from a vibration that becomes a sound, that becomes a rhythm, that eventually becomes a piece of music. Read More »

Toshiaki Toyoda – Go Seppuku Yourselves (2021)

Completing Toshiaki Toyoda’s politically urgent Resurrection Trilogy following Wolf’s Calling (2019) and The Day of Destruction (2020), this electrifying short follows a man tasked with assisting in the ritual suicide of a samurai who won’t die without condemning the corrupt powers that be. Read More »

Toshiaki Toyoda – Wolf’s Calling (2019)

A girl finds an old handgun in her attic and the symbolic object conjures a mystical scene of samurai gathering within the moss-grown location of Kasosan Shrine in Tochigi Prefecture. Read More »

Toshiaki Toyoda – Hakai no Hi AKA The Day of Destruction (2020)

Seven years ago, a mysterious monster was found deep in a rural coal mine. Since then, rumors of a plague spread through the small town, and people experience an unexplainable mental illness. Read More »

Ryûsuke Hamaguchi – Guzen to sozo AKA Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (2021)

An unexpected love triangle, a failed seduction trap and an encounter that results from a misunderstanding, told in three movements to depict three female characters and trace the trajectories between their choices and regrets. Read More »

Ryûsuke Hamaguchi – Bukimi na mono no hada ni sawaru AKA Touching the Skin of Eeriness (2013)

A haunting study of loneliness gradually gives way to a dark mystery in Hamaguchi’s unusual and beautifully acted Touching the Skin of Eeriness. After his father’s death, the reclusive Chihiro goes to live with his older half-brother brother and channels his unspoken feelings into his one passion, modern dancing. Chihiro’s relationship with his dance partner grows increasingly strange, mirroring the dances invented by their intense teacher, played by renowned dancer and choreographer Osamu Jareo. Read More »

Toshiaki Toyoda – Yomigaeri no chi AKA The Blood of Rebirth (2009)

Based on a well-known Japanese legend, the story concerns the sage-masseur Oguri (Tatsuya Nakamura), who is summoned by ailing King Daio (Kiyohiko Shibukawa). Despite receiving superlative treatment, the king is insulted by Oguri’s casual attitude toward death, so he poisons the healer. In the afterlife, Oguri chooses to come back to this world—as an infant. Growing up quickly, he meets Terute (Mayu Kusakari), a concubine who has escaped from the king, and together they seek the Waters of Resurrection. Read More »