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Yasushi Sasaki – Shin josei mondo AKA New Woman Question and Answer (1939)

Jie (Michiko Kuwano) attended a women’s university with the financial support of her geisha sister Oha (Hiroko Kawasaki) and became a lawyer. The aim. Michiko (Kuniko Miyake), one of the seven best friends from the same women’s college, is getting married. The man she’s marrying is her sister’s lover.

This is a women’s film featuring three Shochiku actresses from the pre-war era. Kuwano = intellectual and modern, Kawasaki = old-fashioned and unhappy, Miyake = high society and maternity. The cast has been imagined in a way that is very much like Shochiku. And then, in true Shochiku fashion, at the end of a series of misfortunes, we see the film as if nothing had ever happened before. A happy ending that let it all go by the wayside. It’s a very Shochiku film. Read More »