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Masahiro Makino – Wakaki ni ho Jirocho: Tokaido no tsumujikaze AKA Gale of Tokai (1962)

The story about the young Yakuza boss Jirocho, the role popularised by the great Chiezo Kataoka! An outstanding movie with intrigue and suspense directed by Masahiro Makino. This is the final in Makino’s Jirocho trilogy!

When yakuza boss Jirocho learns about the illegal activities in the town of Kofu where poor towns people are being victimized by the local yakuza boss, he invites his disciples to set things right. Read More »

Tadashi Sawashima – Oedo Hyobanji Binan no Kaoyaku AKA Good Rascals (1962)

A small-time con artist gets word that his mother will come see him in Edo. To avoid her finding out that he’s been wildly exaggerating his success, he enlists his buddies in a wild scheme to impersonate a samurai lord. Read More »

Yôji Yamada – Otoko wa tsurai yo: Shiretoko bojo aka Tora-san 38: Goes North (1987)

Tora-san, the näive and romantic peddler, returns once more to his home in Hokkaido where, as usual, he falls in love with a lovely young lady. The girl this time is Rinko Ueno, who has come home in an attempt to repair her relationship with her gruff veterinarian father, Junkichi ‘Jun’ Ueno. Tora-san gets caught up in the entanglements not only between Rinko and her father but between Dr. Ueno and Etsuko, a restauranteur with amorous plans for the ornery veterinarian Read More »

Satsuo Yamamoto – Kôtei no inai hachigatsu AKA August without Emperor (1978)

Taking the Chilean coup as an example, a group of young officers plan to overthrow the Japanese government on V-J Day. They aim to abolish the post-war constitution, restore the national army and revive the traditional spirit of Japan. As the conspiracy is exposed, the coup squadrons are wiped out one by one. The remaining squadron takes over a night train bound for Tokyo. Read More »

Yôji Yamada – Otoko wa tsurai yo: Tabi to onna to Torajiro aka Tora-san 31: Song Of Love (1983)

On a ship en route to the Sado Islands, Tora-san enjoys the company of a beautiful woman (Miyako Harumi), unaware that she’s a famous enka singer traveling incognito. In this variation on Roman Holiday (1953), the enka star enjoys Tora-san’s company when her boyfriend left her. Eventually, she returns to her glamorous life, but not before surprising everyone in Shibamata by showing up to give Tora-san a ticket to her latest concert. Tora-san thought that this could be a good start, but she finally tells him that… her boyfriend is back. Read More »