Ko Shibasaki

  • Isao Yukisada – Go (2001)

    2001-2010DramaIsao YukisadaJapan

    Go is a 2001 Japanese movie by Isao Yukisada, based from the novel written by Kazuki Kaneshiro. The film stars Kubozuka Yōsuke and Kou Shibasaki. It tells the story of a Japanese boy of Korean origins and his love story with a Japanese girl. The central theme of the movie is about the integration problems of a Zainichi boy in Japanese society.Read More »

  • Takashi Miike – Chakushin ari AKA One Missed Call (2003)

    2001-2010HorrorJapanTakashi Miike

    People mysteriously start receiving voicemail messages from their future selves, in the form of the sound of them reacting to their own violent deaths, along with the exact date and time of their future death, listed on the message log. The plot thickens as the surviving characters persue the answers to this mystery which could save their lives.Read More »

  • Sabu AKA Hiroyuki Tanaka – Drive (2002)


    Kenichi Asakura is an uptight, hyper-square salesman. One day, three bank robbers
    commandeer his van. They are in hot pursuit of their fellow robber who has snatched the
    money. Unfortunately for the bank robbers, Asakura never drives over 40 km/h speed limit
    even under the extreme situation.Read More »

  • Isshin Inudô – Mezon do Himiko AKA La maison de Himiko (2005)

    2001-2010DramaIsshin InudôJapanQueer Cinema(s)

    Saori has always disliked her gay father and has lived her life denying his existence. One rainy day she receives a visit at work from a young man called Haruhiko. He tells her that her father is dying of cancer and that the nursing home he operates is in danger of closing. Out of curiosity and debt, Saori goes to visit her father at the House of Himiko, a nursing home for gay old men. It is a sad place but filled with sardonic good cheer. Surprised but pleased, Haruhiko shows her around. The old men who live there are delighted. Saori is at first repelled by the relationship between Haruhiko and Himiko but she soon sees that their feelings are genuine. She begins taking an interest in keeping the nursing home alive…Read More »

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