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Sang-soo Hong – Yeojaneun namjaui miraeda AKA Woman is the Future of Man (2004) (HD)

The first snow has fallen over Seoul. Munho, a young art professor, is catching up with his friend Hunjoon, a broke filmmaker who has just returned from the United States. After a few drinks, they decided to track down Sunhwa, a young girl they were both in love with a few years earlier. Read More »

Park Chan-wook – Life is But a Dream (2022)

Indiewire wrote:
The 21-minute short, produced in collaboration with Apple, was shot entirely on an iPhone 13 Pro, and was just released on the tech company’s YouTube page. The whimsical film tells the story of an undertaker (Yoo Hai-jin) whose attempt to steal a coffin ends up awakening a ghost (Park Jeong-min). That ghost ends up bonding with the ghost of the warrior (Kim Ok-vin) the undertaker was trying to bury. The film takes some unexpected turns, and ends up being a supernatural romance, a musical, and a martial arts film in equal measures. Read More »

Jin-ho Hur – Hængbok AKA Happiness (2007)

Synopsis wrote:
When stricken with a terminal disease, Young-su leaves his careless high life in the city, live-in girlfriend and dwindling business. He retreats to a sanatorium in the countryside in order to treat his illness, where he meets a young woman who is a resident patient there. Soon they develop feelings for each other and leave the sanatorium together to live in a small but cozy farm house. Their health improves dramatically but when Young-su’s friends from the city come for a visit, he starts to wonder if he should abandon mundane rural village and return to his former lifestyle. Read More »

Man-hui Lee – Hyuil AKA A Day Off (1968)

It is a Sunday in late winter. Church bells ring as Huh-wook sets off to meet his sweetheart Jee-yun. Huh-wook, who cannot afford to start a family, goes off to meet his friends to get money for an abortion for Jee-yun. But he instead ends up stealing from a friend when no one wants to lend him money. The doctor recommends an abortion for Jee-yun because she’s ill. Huh-wook leaves the hospital and has a drink, then visits a bar and a roadside bar with a woman he meets in a salon. Completely intoxicated, Huh-wook makes love to her in a construction site but comes to his senses at the sound of church bells ringing and runs back to the hospital. He arrives to discover that Jee-yun has died during the surgery and goes to tell her father, only to be turned away at the doorstep. Then the friend whose money he had stolen catches him and beats him up. Blood streaming down his face, he runs down the dark streets and reminisces about the happy times he had with Jee-yun. Read More »

Ki-young Kim – Iodo AKA Io Island (1977)

A company is studying the possibility to open a spa hotel named after a mythical island, Ieodo. The island is inhabited by the souls of drowned sailors. During a study trip to the location of the hotel lost a journalist under mysterious circumstances. One of the contractors go to Ieodo’s neighboring island, populated by widows of the dead sailors, to unravel the disappearance. Read More »

Ki-young Kim – Hwanyeo AKA Fire Woman (1970)

A variation on Kim’s classic The Housemaid (1960). The lives of a composer and his wife, who live on a chicken farm, are thrown into turmoil when a femme fatale joins their household. Read More »

Ga-Young Jeong – Heart (2019)

Gayoung, a filmmaker, visits Seongbum, an art instructor, to consult on her affair with a married man. The two were once lovers of each other, though that does not stop Seongbum from becoming a love counselor for Gayoung. Yet, they don′t just consult, but begin exploring new feelings for each other. Read More »