Kumi Mizuno

  • Ishirô Honda – Matango AKA Attack of the Mushroom People (1963)

    Five vacationers and two crewmen become stranded on a tropical island near the equator. The island has little edible food for them to use as they try to live in a fungus covered hulk while repairing their yacht. Eventually they struggle over the food rations which were left behind by the former crew. Soon they discover something unfriendly there.Read More »

  • Hideo Suzuki – Sono bashoni onna arite AKA Women of Design (1962)

    Two employees of rival ad agencies vie for the same contract, and each other’s hearts, in this restrained office drama from director Hideo Suzuki. Stars Yoko Tsukasa and Akira Takarada.Read More »

  • Mikio Naruse – Iwashigumo AKA Summer Clouds (1958)

    This ensemble piece recounts the lives of a family of farmers by interweaving several different storylines. Holding these stories together is the central figure of a young war widow torn between maintaining her independence and the necessity of remarrying. This is a familiar predicament for Naruse’s heroines, but the film represents a change of pace for the director in many other ways. For one thing, it is his first widescreen color film. Also, while the typical Naruse film takes place in the city, even if its characters often journey into the countryside, here the setting is resolutely rural. The result traces change in postwar Japan (another typical Naruse concern) from the point of view of the farming peasantry, as land reform and economic growth exacerbate the generation gap between restless youngsters and their tradition-bound elders.Read More »

  • Ishirô Honda – Furankenshutain tai chitei kaijû Baragon AKA Frankenstein Conquers The World (1965)

    With Berlin falling, Nazi doctors ship the beating heart of the Frankenstein monster to Tokyo by U-boat. A Japanese military scientistin Hiroshima intends to use the heart, which cannot die, to create an army of invincible soldiers. Unfortunately, the heart is barely unpacked when the U.S. Air Force A-bombs the city. Nothing more is heard of the matter until a feral boy with a strange brow shows up fifteen years later…Read More »

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