• Mirlan Abdykalykov – Sutak AKA Heavenly Nomadic (2015)

    2011-2020DramaKrygyzstanMirlan Abdykalykov

    A family of nomads live in the high, remote mountains of Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia; elderly herdsman Tabyldy, his wife Karachach, their daughter-in-law Shaiyr and their 7 year old granddaughter Umsunai. Shaiyr’s son studies in the city and visits them only during the summer holidays. Her husband died many years ago when he was drowned in a mountain river, trying to save a foal. Shaiyr decided to stay with the family due to her strong attachment to the wonderful land and its people. The family breed horses and life goes on as normal amidst the beautiful scenery of the mountain gorge. But another resident of the area appears in Shaiyr’s life, meteorologist Ermek, whose weather station is located near to the family’s home…Read More »

  • Aktan Arym Kubat – Maimil aka The Chimp (2001)

    Drama2001-2010Aktan Arym KubatArthouseKrygyzstan

    A desolate, restless small town lost in the industrial wastelands of Kyrgyzstan. Plagued by boredom, confusion and sex–all the usual agonies of adolescence–17 year-old “Chimp” (so-called because of his ears) and his friends are killing time by fighting, partying, and working in the railyard before undergoing their military service. Chimp has more than his share of problems: his pretty and capricious girlfriend causes him nothing but heartache, his father is a self-loathing chronic alcoholic, and his long-suffering mother has had enough. She leaves, taking Chimp’s kid sister with her.Read More »

  • Tolomush Okeev – Boom (1969)

    1961-1970DocumentaryKrygyzstanShort FilmTolomush Okeev

    During World Word II, the difficult construction of a railroad through the Boom ravine at Kant-Rybachie. One of the construction workers then takes a train ride along the road he helped build.Read More »

  • Aktan Arym Kubat – Svet-Ake aka The Light Thief (2010)

    2001-2010Aktan Arym KubatDramaKyrgyzstan

    In this colourful modern-day parable of good and evil, a humble village electrician devotes
    his compassion and ingenuity to destitute neighbours in a wind-swept valley of
    Kyrgyzstan.Read More »

  • Ernest Abdyjaparov – Boz salkyn Aka Pure Coolness (2007)

    2001-2010ComedyDramaErnest AbdyjaparovKrygyzstan

    Melodrama with fairytale elements about an urban beauty in Kyrgyzia who is kidnapped during a visit to the countryside and then has to marry a shepherd according to local tradition.

    For decades it was common in Kyrgyzstan for single women to be kidnapped so they could become brides for local bachelors, and a couple discovers this still takes place in this comedy-drama.Read More »

  • Aktan Arym Kubat – Centaur (2017)

    Drama2011-2020Aktan Arym KubatKrygyzstan

    Centaur is a quiet, small and modest man, a loving father of a little boy that has never spoken a word and the husband of young, deaf-mute Maripa. Together they lead a simple life in a small village of Kyrgyzstan. Centaur is above all a respected man among his neighbors, a man beyond any suspicion, but he has a belief deeply rooted inside him. He still believes that Kyrgyz people once united and invincible thanks to their horses, have been punished by Heavens for misusing that power to achieve their mercenary goals; Beyond any suspicion, Centaur becomes a horse thief, as he thinks only a genuine racer riding at night and praying for forgiveness can write off the curse. But his well-hidden secret cannot be kept for long. When the truth shines, he will need to decide the destiny of his family, co-villagers and his own.Read More »

  • Marie-Jaoul de Poncheville – Tengri (2008)

    2001-2010DramaGermanyKrygyzstanMarie-Jaoul de Poncheville

    Plot Synopsis
    Proving that romance can blossom even in the direst and most seemingly disadvantageous of circumstance, a pure-hearted Kazakh settler and a Kyrgyz woman find each other’s hearts, their love rising like a phoenix out of the ruins of the Afghani wars, during the aftermath of the Iron Curtain’s fall and in a region of the world that has been racked by tumult. Each of their personal histories, taken apart, seem dead-end and hopeless; Temür is a thirty-year-old fisherman whose lack-of-success on the Aral Sea has prompted him to give up on his chosen career , especially given the fact that the Aral has all but dried up and is now unpopulated by fish. Amira, who hails from Kyrgyzstan, foresees a future that is equally bleak, given the fact that her husband recently left home and went off to fight the mujhadeen. In each other, the lovers perceive an opportunity for escape and redemption.Read More »

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