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Vernon Sewell – Radio Cab Murder (1954)

Synopsis by Britmovie:
This low-budget suspenseful British crime story stars Jimmy Hanley fresh from his success in The Blue Lamp (1950) and is competently directed by Vernon Sewell.

Fred, a safecracking ex-con, decides to go straight after a spell behind bars and turns to cab driving in London. After an anonymous poison-pen letter arrives at the radio cab office identifying Fred is a jailbird, the police deduce it was sent by a criminal gang hoping to recruit the cabbie for his unique skills. The police persuade Fred’s boss to feign firing him – and sure enough, the unemployed cabbie is allowed to infiltrate a gang preparing to pull off a bank robbery. After successfully pulling off the raid, the gang, discover Fred’s deception and attempt to murder him by locking him in a deep-freeze. Read More »