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Audrius Stonys – The Woman and the Glacier (2016) 

The Lithuanian scientist Ausra Revutaite has spent 30 years in the Tian Shan mountain range in Central Asia, straddling the borders between Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and the autonomous Chinese region of Xinjiang. Some 3,500 meters above sea level with only her faithful dog and gray cat for company, she studies climate change on the Tuyuksu Glacier at an old Soviet-era research station. She loves the solitude and silence that her painstaking work brings her. Magnificent shots of her surroundings and everyday work are interspersed with archive footage of the people who preceded her by a century. Not much seems to have changed. Read More »

Audrius Stonys – Skrajojimai melynam lauke AKA Flying Over the Blue Field (2001)

“After “Antigravitation” I wanted to make another step up, where the last prop under your actions disappears. “Flying Over the Blue Field” is a movie about loneliness in an infinite sky. Man stays with himself and a home-made plane, balancing on the perimeter between death and life.” Read More »

Laurynas Bareisa – Piligrimai AKA Pilgrims (2021)

Indre and Paulius travel to the small town where a gruesome crime was committed and they learn it is not as easy as expected to revisit the past. Read More »

Arunas Zebriunas – Velnio nuotaka AKA The Devil’s Bride (1974)

“This is one of the most successful and unique Lithuanian films. By choosing the form of a musical or a rock opera the author remained in touch with the book, but at the same time created an original work of cinematography. Vivid and expressive although boldly modernised spectacle driven by catchy music composed by Ganelinas was made in a funny and relaxed manner. The Devil’s Bride is busting the myth about the grim nature of the Lithuanians. It strikes with cheerful dynamics and remains an exclusive example of Lithuanian cinematography.” Film critic Saulius Macaitis Read More »

Laurynas Bareiša – Atkurimas AKA Dummy (2020)

Using a faceless doll, a criminal re-enacts a brutal crime. But surprisingly he is not the one being judged. There seems to be an odd one out in the investigative group. Read More »

Algimantas Puipa – Moteris ir keturi jos vyrai AKA Woman and Her Four Men (1983)

A balladic story from a Baltic fishermen´s setlement set at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Psychological drama about the life in Lithuania Minor region of the 19th century East Prussia. The script is based on Holger Drachmann’s novel “Romance in the Dunes”. Read More »

Kristijonas Vildziunas – As esi tu AKA You Am I (2006)

A man trying to get away from it all finds both love and conflict in the woods in this offbeat drama from Lithuania. Read More »