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Arunas Zebriunas – Velnio nuotaka AKA The Devil’s Bride (1974)

“This is one of the most successful and unique Lithuanian films. By choosing the form of a musical or a rock opera the author remained in touch with the book, but at the same time created an original work of cinematography. Vivid and expressive although boldly modernised spectacle driven by catchy music composed by Ganelinas was made in a funny and relaxed manner. The Devil’s Bride is busting the myth about the grim nature of the Lithuanians. It strikes with cheerful dynamics and remains an exclusive example of Lithuanian cinematography.” Film critic Saulius Macaitis Read More »

Laurynas Bareiša – Atkurimas AKA Dummy (2020)

Using a faceless doll, a criminal re-enacts a brutal crime. But surprisingly he is not the one being judged. There seems to be an odd one out in the investigative group. Read More »

Algimantas Puipa – Moteris ir keturi jos vyrai AKA Woman and Her Four Men (1983)

A balladic story from a Baltic fishermen´s setlement set at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Psychological drama about the life in Lithuania Minor region of the 19th century East Prussia. The script is based on Holger Drachmann’s novel “Romance in the Dunes”. Read More »

Kristijonas Vildziunas – As esi tu AKA You Am I (2006)

A man trying to get away from it all finds both love and conflict in the woods in this offbeat drama from Lithuania. Read More »

Marija Kavtaradze – Isgyventi vasara AKA Summer Survivors (2018)

Summer Survivors is a road film, where a psychologist Indre is ordered to take two young patients – Paulius and Juste – to a psychiatric hospital in a seaside town. Indre is a psychology post graduate who has difficulties communicating people herself, Paulius suffers from bipolar disorder and his mood is shifting, Juste is being treated after a suicide attempt, but she refuses to admit she needs help. Travelling together makes them closer to each other, but will this help them to survive? Read More »

Sharunas Bartas – Trys dienos AKA Three Days (1991)

In Kaliningrad two Lithuanian boys meet two Russian girls. They have difficulties in finding places where they can sleep together. But this is the only problem they do solve. All four justly feel miserable because their lives are meaningless (the recurrent dull and poorly kept house façads could well be taken as a comparative symbol). In addition, everyone is so absorbed by his or her own distress and hardly capable of bothering about the anguish of the others. The three days end with a pervasive lack of contact. Read More »

Jurgis Matulevicius – Absurdo zmones AKA Absurd People (2011)

This film is about human alienation in consumerist society. Nowadays man surrounded by modern industry tools founds himself solitary. He seeks his way out of the routine and enforced life norms but all he meets is a dead-end. Read More »