Loretta Young

  • Frank Borzage – Man’s Castle (1933)

    1931-1940DramaFrank BorzageRomanceUSA

    Even though its release date in 1933 pre-dated the most rigorous version of Hollywood’s Production Code,Man’s Castle still ran into censorship problems over such material as a man and woman skinny-dipping, and an unmarried pregnancy. Cuts were made to the original print even before the film came out, and still more for a 1938 re-release. Director Frank Borzage was at the height of his career, and Spencer Tracy on the verge of becoming a major star, but the controversy surrounding Man’s Castle seemed to affect its box office appeal, and it faded into obscurity.Read More »

  • Frank Capra – Platinum Blonde (1931)

    1931-1940ClassicsComedyFrank CapraUSA

    Reporter ‘Stew’ Smith meets beautiful Ann Schuyler, a rich socialite, while covering the story of a scandal involving Ann’s family. Ann takes a liking to the wisecracking Smith and the couple eventually elope. Stew’s roots as a street smart reporter don’t prepare him well for mixing with Ann’s high society friends and he starts spending more time with his ‘pal’, female reporter Gallagher. Everything comes to a head when Ann and her family return home to their mansion one evening and find that Stew has invited all his ‘pals’ over for an impromptu drinking party.Read More »

  • George Amy – She Had to Say Yes (1933)

    Drama1931-1940George AmyUSA

    Sol Glass’s clothing business is losing sales because the “customer girls,” the women employed to entertain buyers from out of town, are not friendly enough. Salesman Tommy Nelson suggests using stenographers to entertain buyers, who he believes are tired of gold diggers. When his fiancée, Florence Denny, wants to participate in the program, however, Tommy refuses to let her. Birdie, one of the other stenographers, becomes a very successful customer girl, closing many sales, and Tommy, too, succumbs to her charms. One night, when he has a date with Birdie, Tommy suggests that Florence go out with buyer Daniel Drew. She is surprised, but agrees in order to earn a commission for Tommy so that they can afford to get married. Read More »

  • Roy Del Ruth – Taxi! (1932)

    1931-1940CrimeDramaRoy Del RuthUSA

    Amidst a backdrop of growing violence and intimidation, independent cab drivers struggling against a consolidated juggernaut rally around hot-tempered Matt Nolan. Nolan is determined to keep competition alive on the streets, even if it means losing the woman he loves.Read More »

  • Orson Welles – The Stranger (1946)

    1941-1950CrimeFilm NoirOrson WellesUSA

    The Stranger is often considered Orson Welles’ most “traditional” Hollywood-style directorial effort. Welles plays a college professor named Charles Rankin, who lives in a pastoral Connecticut town with his lovely wife Mary (Loretta Young). One afternoon, an extremely nervous German gentleman named Meineke (Konstantin Shayne) arrives in town. Professor Rankin seems disturbed–but not unduly so–by Meineke’s presence. He invites the stranger for a walk in the woods, and as they journey farther and farther away from the center of town, we learn that kindly professor Rankin is actually notorious Nazi war criminal Franz Kindler.Read More »

  • John Ford – Four Men and a Prayer (1938)

    1931-1940AdventureJohn FordMysteryUSA

    Colonel Loring Leigh, British Indian Army, appears to have issued an order that cost 90 lives. Cashiered, he returns home, tells his sons of a conspiracy by an arms syndicate to supply the rebels…then is found dead, an apparent suicide. To clear their father, the four sons must globetrot in a hazardous search for evidence, closely followed by Geoffrey’s sweetheart Lynn Cherrington.Read More »

  • Joseph Pevney – It Happens Every Thursday (1953)

    1951-1960ComedyJoseph PevneyUSA

    from TCM:
    One morning in New York City, newspaper reporter Bob MacAvoy finishes his nighttime shift and stumbles into bed just as his very pregnant wife Jane rises. Jane cares for their young son Steve and then, while riding the subway to work, notices an advertisement for a small newspaper in Eden, California. Tired of never seeing her husband and living in their cramped apartment, Jane rushes home and convinces Bob that the paper represents the perfect escape from their city life. Read More »

  • Gregory Ratoff – Wife, Husband and Friend (1939)

    1931-1940ClassicsComedyGregory RatoffScrewball ComedyUSA


    20th Century-Fox evidently adored “triangle” comedies like Wife, Husband and Friend; apparently so did Loretta Young, who appeared in most of these films. Young plays the wife of businessman Warner Baxter, while “friend” Cesar Romero is an amorous singing teacher who convinces Young that she has a future in opera. To show up his wife, Baxter takes lessons from diva Binnie Barnes–and as it turns out, he’s the one with the ideal operatic voice. The romantic quadrangle is resolved when Baxter makes a disastrous stage debut, whereupon Romero and Barnes exit and Baxter and Young realize the error of their ways. Wife, Husband and Friend was remade in 1949 as Everybody Does It, with Paul Douglas (of all people) as the would-be Caruso. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie GuideRead More »

  • Lewis Allen – The Perfect Marriage (1947)

    1941-1950ClassicsComedyLewis AllenScrewball ComedyUSA


    Jenny and Dale Williams have been married ten years and parents of a
    nine-year-old daughter, “Cookie” Williams. They live well, have
    separate careers, are surrounded by sophisticated friends, and are
    afflicted with overattentive in-laws on each side. Celebrating their
    tenth anniversary,this, of course, means it is time to tell each other
    they want a divorce from each other. They talk about it. They talk to
    their friends about it. The friends and in-laws talk to them and to
    each other and to anyone who will listen about it.Read More »

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