Lucía Jiménez

  • Francisco J. Lombardi – No se lo digas a nadie aka Don’t Tell Anyone (1998)

    coming-out, coming-of-age tale (from a novel by Jaime Bayly) set within a predominantly homophobic religious Peruvian society, this is by turns sensitive, touching, funny, alarming and, for the most part, very enjoyable. For just under two hours, we witness all the ups and downs of a young man, Joaquin (Magill), struggling to come to terms with his sexuality in a country where being gay is akin to being a leper, and violence towards gays is an almost daily occurrence. Joaquin’s mother is over-bearingly protective and very religious, while his father just wants to see his lad grow up to be a huntin’, shootin’, drinkin’ type. Joaquin, though, is unsure of whether he’s gay or het, and this dilemma stays with him right from the moment he leaves home, through his off-the-rails period as a coked-out dope fiend right up to the – admittedly, mostly unfulfilling – final reel.Read More »

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