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Jean-Claude Brisseau – La croisée des chemins (1976)

The peregrinations of a group of boys and girls from Paris. Two girls swap the capital for the countryside near Montpellier. One of the girls hesitates between dream world and reality.La croisée des chemins marks the start of a significant oeuvre and is a film in which reality and dream are mixed. Jean-Claude Brisseau shot this film on Super8 in 1975. Screened in Studio 43 in Paris, the film was noticed and admired by Eric Rohmer, who attached the name of his production company Les Films du Losange to several films by Brisseau: Un jeu brutal, De bruit et de fureur en Noce blanche. Read More »

Jean-Claude Brisseau – La vie comme ça AKA Life the Way It Is (1978)

The second film by Jean-Claude Brisseau is this gritty story of working women in the modern world. Originally shot on 16mm for French television, Life the Way It Is (La Vie Comme Ca) may be the director’s most radical film, with its images of suicide, group violence, and sexual pressure. Agnes Tessier leaves the comfortable confines of school to work at a chemical factory in a slum district with her friend Florence. When greeted with sexual harassment, harsh conditions, and volatile coworkers, Agnes responds by applying for the union rep position in order to challenge the status quo at the factory. Stripped down to the essentials, the film reflects the fury of working-class women everywhere. Read More »