Ludivine Sagnier

  • Claude Miller – Un secret AKA A Secret (2007)

    A 15-year-old boy unearths a shocking family secret.Read More »

  • Fabienne Berthaud – Pieds nus sur les limaces aka Lily Sometimes (2010)

    The film centres on Clara, who is happily married to a promising lawyer and lives in Paris. After their mother’s sudden death, Clara has to assume responsibility for her younger sister, Lily, whose extreme sensitivity makes her vulnerable to the outside world and prevents her from being autonomous. Living in the family home in the countryside, in the provinces, Lily has created her own unique world, which she finds difficult to leave as she has found a certain sense of balance there. But she needs protection. Clara, whose life has taken shape away from her sister, has to make some choices and learns that normality is a very subjective idea.Read More »

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