Macit Koper

  • Irfan Tözüm – Cazibe hanimin gündüz düsleri aka Daydreams of Miss Cazibe (1992)

    1991-2000DramaFantasyIrfan TözümTurkey

    Cazibe (Hale Soygazi) is a woman in her late thirties, who has never got married or had a relationship with a man in her life. She lives with her old mother (Suna Selen) and her uncle (Macit Koper) who feels an attraction towards her. The only thing which is private to her is her projector machine, which she keeps in a room at the roof of the house. Whenever she gets free time alone she goes to the room, sits on her rocking chair, switches on the projector and meets the boy she loved when she was at school, in her dreams. However, she believes that these are not dreams but that they are real, she really meets the boy whenever she switches on the projector. One day, a political criminal (one of her neighbors) come to their house at night to hide out. Cazibe thinks that he is the man in her dreams and makes love with him that night. The other day, the man leaves just with a note, and Cazibe loses her mind and starts to do strange things at home.Read More »

  • Atif Yilmaz – Aaahh Belinda (1986)

    1981-1990Atif YilmazComedyDramaTurkey

    Serap, a young actress with a strong, lively personality and a special dislike for middle-class family life, takes part in a TV-commercial for a recently marketed shampoo, “Belinda”. She plays the role of a typical housewife called Naciye.Read More »

  • Ali Özgentürk – At AKA Horse, My Horse (1982)

    1981-1990Ali ÖzgentürkDramaTurkey

    Driven by the desire to see his son get an education and rise out of their level of abject poverty, a peasant father takes his boy to Istanbul to look for the advantages that were missing in his life. He hopes to find a good job so he can send his son to school, but as time goes by it seems they can barely make their way around the city and stay out of debt, let alone get ahead. Besides, the police always seem to be after them for one thing or another. Director Ali Özgentürk was arrested before he completed shooting this film, with no reason given for his arrest — as the content of his film suggests, this is not an unusual occurrence. He was later released.
    — Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide.Read More »

  • Ömer Kavur – Anayurt Oteli AKA Motherland Hotel (1987)

    1981-1990DramaÖmer KavurTurkey

    A young man in a small town in Turkey inherits a hotel from his parents in this disturbing drama. Zebercet (Macid Koper) falls for a pretty guest who promises to return the following week. When the woman fails to show up, Zebercet descends into psychopathic madness. He sleeps in the room previously occupied by the young woman and neglects his potential guests. After rejecting the homosexual advances of a young stranger, Zebercet rapes and strangles a hotel maid and kills her cat. Serra Yilmaz and Orhan Cagman co-star with Macid Koper, who gives an excellent performance of the disturbed killer. — Dan PavlidesRead More »

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