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Marcel Carné – Le pays, d’où je viens AKA The country I come from (1956)

One Christmas Eve, a carefree young man, Eric, arrives in a small provincial town. Here, he meets Julien, a bar pianist who is his exact double. Julien is in love with Marinette, a pretty waitress, but he is too shy to make any romantic overtures. Eric decides to give the course of true love a helping hand by pretending to be Julien. Meanwhile, Eric’s fabulously wealthy uncle has sent his minions out to bring him back home, so that he may celebrate Christmas in the bosom of his family.

Julien, pianiste de bar est follement amoureux de la petite Marinette, serveuse dans le même local. Mais il ne parvient pas à déclarer sa flamme. Arrive, la veille de Noël, dans le petit village enneigé, Eric, le sosie du jeune musicien… Read More »