Makoto Fujita

  • Masaki Kobayashi – Nihon no seishun AKA Hymn to a Tired Man (1968)

    Kobayashi Masaki’s 1968 Toho film about a man beaten to the point of deafness by his superior officer during WWII. He meets him again through his work as an inventor, and struggles through the challenge of his son’s romantic interest in the Officer’s daughter.Read More »

  • Seijun Suzuki – Ana no kiba AKA The Fang in the Hole (1979)

    A police detective tries to investigate the mystery of a victim who was shot in the head, but no bullet was found. From the Sunday Horror Series.Read More »

  • Takashi Tsuboshima – Ai no kizuna AKA Bonds of Love (1969)

    Adapted from the Seicho Matsumoto story “Tazutazushi”. Ryohei Suzuki, a manager at a travel company, is married to his superior’s daughter, but tires of their authority over his life. A chance encounter with Yukiko Hirai one rainy night brings a new romance into Ryohei’s life, and he and Yukiko fall deeply in love. Yukiko, however, reveals that she has a violent husband in prison – with only a week left until his release. Ryohei, desperate to maintain his social standing, brings Yukiko to the mountains in Nagano and sets in motion an unthinkable, tragic chain of events.Read More »

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